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"The Indian in the Cupboard"

by Eleanor Ringel

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The best kid's story about enchanted furniture since "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe." In this beguiling fantasy based an Lynne Reid Banks' prize winning book, nine-year-old Omri (Hal Scardino) discovers a magic cupboard that turns a plastic Indian figurine into a living, breathing three-inch-tall Iroquois warrior named Little Bear (rap singer Litefoot). A rootin', tootin, cowboy (an amusing David Keith) is also reanimated, along with his horse. As Omri deals with his "guests," he learns the same thing Dr. Frankenstein did; playing God can have some unforeseen consequences. The movie's pedigree is first-rate: Frank Oz, once Jim Henson's right-hand Muppet, directed and Melissa Mathison ("E.T'' and "The Black Stallion") wrote the screenplay. But for all the amazing big/little juxtapositions, the movie's real magic lies in the evolving friendship between Omni and Little Bear. Here's a movie you'll be proud to share with a child. Or with another movie-lover of any age.

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