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"If Lucy Fell"

by Karen Jaehne

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March 5, 1996

According to some folks, mostly men, any movie with Elle MacPherson has to be good. Well, "If Lucy Fell" is good, but not so much because of Elle as because of Eric. Eric Schaeffer is writer/director/star of a very romantic comedy about two friends who made a pact to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if they hadn't found love by the time Lucy turns thirty. Lucy is portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker whose comic timing has been honed by "LA Story", "Honeymoon in Vegas", and "Ed Wood" and is put to good use as a therapist who can't commit. Joe, her best friend and roommate is Eric Schaeffer's role and he is obsessed with Elle MacPherson's character, Jane the exceptional girl next door. He has yet to say "hello" to her in the five years he has been lusting after her, but now with Lucy's big three-oh birthday looming, he takes the plunge. And Lucy accepts a date with Bwick, an eccentric and successful painter played to perfection by Ben Stiller with dreadlocks woven into his own hair. The outcome is fairly predictable but it is the dialog that makes it a cut above the rest.

The world premiere of "If Lucy Fell" at Sundance Film Festival is fitting since Schaeffer's independent hit "My Life's in Turnaround" dealt with the struggles of making his first movie. It's nice to come to Sundance with a distribution deal with Tristar already in your pocket. As a NY cabbie, Schaeffer picked up Phoebe Cates and Martha Plimpton and conned them into being in his first feature. That wasn't a problem after its success. Schaeffer even cast Sirajul Island and Mujibur Rahman, the Bangladeshi guys on "Late Show with David Letterman", in their film debut. Enjoy Schaeffer's work now and look for more good things from him in the future. And if Elle MacPherson is in a movie, it might just be good too. Rate R for sexual themes and language.

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