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"Fools Rush In"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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What a great Valentine's gift from Columbia Pictures! Matthew Perry from TV's 'Friends' brings his Chandler Bing persona to the big screen in a cultural clash romance. He stays in character but the real fun is added by the sparky, gorgeous Salma Hayek. She is the Mexican bombshell who exploded with Antonio Banderas in "Desperado" and who Quentin Tarantino swears he wants in every film he makes, especially after the hot dance scene she performed in "From Dusk til Dawn." He will have to stand in line. Hayek as a photographer in "Fools Rush In" jumps into a marriage with the uptight Perry and shakes up his world. A New Yorker and a Mexican-American love story could make for quite an examination of our cultural stereotypes but don't expect a lot of deep thought. "Fools" is based on the real-life marriage of producer Doug Draizin and co-producer Anna Marie Davis, who have since divorced which points out that loves doesn't always overcome all obstacles. But this is a Valentine's kinda movie so just enjoy the sparks that fly when Presbyterian boy meets Catholic girl. Rated PG-13 Columbia.

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