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"Il Postino (The Postman)"

by Eleanor Ringel

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Set in the early '50s, this bittersweet tale of the unlikely friendship between the world-famous poet, Pablo Neruda, and Mario, an unworldly fisherman's son is a deceptively simple film that sneaks up on you. Initially as unhurried and placid as a Mediterranean holiday, the picture has an unexpected impact in its final fifteen minutes. The great French actor, Philippe Noiret plays Neruda, exiled from Chile for his outspoken politics and banished to a small island off the coast of Italy. Beloved Italian star Massimo Troisi (who tragically died the morning after filming ended) plays Mario, Neruda's postman who becomes his friend. English director Michael Radford ("White Mischief") brings an outsider's intrigued eye to his Italian setting. But his ultimate focus is on the collision of poet and peasant and how each truly affects the other.

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