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January 21, 1996

For a documentary film maker, director Robert M Young has a remarkable capability for the sensuous. In his "Caught" a young drifter is taken in by fish store owner and his wife. Taking the place of their son who has gone to LA to make in stand up comedy, Nick works in the fish store and is a companion for Joe, portrayed by Edward James Olmos. Very quickly it becomes evident that Betty, the hot and spicy Maria Conchita Alonso, is looking for more than companionship from Joe. Arie Verveen as Joe is at the center of a powerful movie and what makes it remarkable is that in a cast of veterans, Verveen is a complete novice. Young discovered him at an open casting call. I'm not sure if this is a case of a director capable of creating a screen presence or of an actor commanding the audience to take note, but the effect is the same. At the world premiere spontaneous applause broke out at the end, and this is a tough crowd!

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