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"Lost Highway"

by Karen Jaehne

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Confirmation just in: David Lynch believes he's Wim Wenders. He even put a tad of German into this movie to tease us with his poteómntial as the Teutonic Titan. This movie would be better if John Waters had directed it. It is a pretentious, moody attempt at a horror movie about the idea of the "Doppelganger" that would benefit from a sense of humor about itself.The most frightening moment is when confused jazz musician Bill Pullman wakes up to find himself in bed not with his wife but with a scary creature who looks quite like John Gielgud. Riff on that, buddy.You can spend over two hours watching this mess, or use your time in a slightly better way learning the rules for the use of the dative case in German grammar. Hey, Wim knows it. Shouldn't you? -Karen Jaehne

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