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June 28, 1996

"Eraser" isn't any worse than the films that made Arnold Schwarzenegger the A- List star back in the Eighties, but maybe we've just gotten a little more sophisticated. Strike that. Maybe we have just gotten tired of the gun play, explosions and the manipulative plots. It couldn't be that we are tired of Arnold. But see if this plot doesn't sound a little familiar: elite agent must steal computer disk to prove he isn't the mole in the organization. Sound a little like another of this summer's hits, say, "Mission Impossible"? Well, yeah, but the exploding alligator tank isn't the same thing as an exploding fish tank, is it? Luckily, Tom and Arnold don't look or sound anything alike. Neither do Ving Rhames and Robert Pastorelli, but both do the same sort of second banana work and end up outshining the stars of their respective projects. One of the big differences is Vanessa Williams who Arnold is sent to protect. She has come a long way since "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man". Maybe it was the nine-month run of "Kiss of the Spider Woman" on Broadway, but Vanessa gives more than the script asks for and gives it good. On a fundament level if you like "Mission Impossible", you will like "Eraser". You just won't get a lot of surprises. Rated R.

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