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by Eleanor Ringel

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Mia Farrow has more trouble on Christmas Eve than Bruce Willis in a "Die Hard" flick in this ruthless sick joke of a movie from longtime collaborators, Craig Lucas and Norman Rene ("Longtime Companion," "Prelude to a Kiss".) She plays a happy homemaker suddenly sent on an oddball odyssey across America after an unexpected twist of fate one Christmas Eve. Among those she encounters are Scott Glenn and Mary-Louise Parker as a physiotherapist and his paraplegic, deaf-mute wife (they're so lovingly supportive, they could be the poster couple for the differently abled); Eileen Brennan as a nun who runs a homeless shelter; and Giancarlo Esposito as a game-show host. The movie itself is pretty reckless, careening abruptly from one tone to another. By the final third, it's floundering, having worn out itself and its audience. But the fine cast holds it together. Farrow is especially good - as a ditz-survivalist in a flannel nightie), she shows an unexpected resilience as well an expert comic timing. David Lynch would recognize the people she meets; oddly enough, so would Norman Rockwell.

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