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by Eleanor Ringel

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Ghost bummer. Casper is a mere ghost of his former self in this overblown,incoherent merchandising vehicle passing itself off as a feature film. Ghost "psychotherapist" Bill Pullman and daughter Christina Ricci move into a haunted house where they come face-to-face with some exceedingly active ectoplasm,i.e., the friendliest ghost you know and his trio of rascally uncles. The much-vaunted special effects ~ by the ubiquitous Industrial Light & Magic ~ aren't all that special (Casper looks like a translucent Pillsbury Doughboy). Further, for a movie so obviously aimed at the preschool set, the script is appallingly cavalier about death, life after death and spiritual matters. However, the scariest thing about "Casper" is its budget: $50 million is enough to send shivers up the spine of any thinking person. But then, movies like this aren't made for thinking people of any age.

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