Film Scouts and Newsweek at Sundance 1999

"The Death and Loss of Sexual Innocence"

by Andréa C. Basora

And for those who wanted something to think about, at the premiere screening of The Loss of Sexual Innocence, director Mike Figgis said that "The reason I made it on film was because it was so difficult to express verbally." How right he is. This deeply strange re-interpretation of the myth of Adam and Eve, is a visual tone poem of disconcerting beauty that left me, at least, befuddled but intrigued. The story makes little sense and is often as ponderous as its title. Still, it's a pleasure to see a director with the guts to experiment cinematically - especially after the commercial success of "Leaving Las Vegas," which would allow him to soak Hollywood for millions. After the screening, a viewer asked Figgis whether he could explain what exactly the film was about. He answered, "No." How many films can you say that about today?

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