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by Eleanor Ringel

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JADE: A slick, sleek bit of mindless entertainment that's helped considerably by its pro cast and San Francisco setting. An art dealer has been murdered - bloodily - and all the evidence points to socialite/psychiatrist Linda Fiorentino. This doesn't sit well with Assistant D.A. David Caruso. Not only is she married to his oldest friend and prominent attorney, Chazz Palminteri, but he and Linda had a fling themselves back in college. Complicating matters are certain sex tapes (remember, the script is by sex-sells screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas) that link the murder to the Governor (Richard Crenna), a man who doesn't like to be caught with his pants down literally or politically. Eszterhas's script isn't good or bad, just pretty simple stuff, surrounded by a lot of steamy artifice. Director William Friedkin, determined to remind us of his "French Connection" glory days, tosses off some vertigo-inducing car chases that are apropos of nothing but offer some thrills.

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