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"One Fine Day"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Putting together a light romantic comedy isn't brain surgery, although you wouldn't know that from the number of failed attempts. But medical degrees or no, the creators of "One Fine Day" manage the thoroughly modern elements of today's romantic scene very well. And the film gives us some of the good old-fashioned Tracy - Hepburn chemistry with Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney.

Pfeiffer is a single mom trying to juggle her adorable son's (Alex D. Linz) field trip with her architectural presentation. But George Clooney as the divorced Dad of her son's classmate (Mae Whitman) complicates things. What a pleasant complication! I had my doubts about Clooney's move to the big screen after "From Dusk Until Dawn", but they all have been allayed by this performance.

He takes charge of the screen and charms not only Pfeiffer but the audience. And Pfeiffer charms right back. Going from the control freak in perfect outfit and make-up to frazzled Mom and back again is not that uncommon for most women today, but she does it with such flair! And I can't forget to mention her purse, which holds everything from emergency raincoats to cars. If you think those purses don't exist, just stand outside any preschool. How fitting to see them acknowledged in film.

What sets "One Fine Day" apart from the rest of the romantic pack is not just the chemistry or the cell-phone jokes or even the hope that we will all find that perfect someone some day. There are little lessons it teaches without being preachy. It honestly never occurred to me that just because I handle the juggling balls of kids, career, church, friends, and neighbors that my hubby might not be as adept at it because he doesn't do it everyday. When we 'do it all', they don't get practice doing some of it. Pretty valuable lesson from a fluffy romantic comedy. Rated PG and fine for the whole family, although it makes a great date movie for singles or marrieds.

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