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"Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later"

by Thom Bennett

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It's twenty years later and Michael Meyers is up to his murderous antics
once more and this time nobody is safe - least of all those in the audience.

This seventh and hopefully final film in the tired Halloween series seems
more like a study of unnecessary tracking shots down long hallways, shadowy
figures and supposedly scary reflections than anything that may
accidentally frighten much less entertain anyone.

It's almost as if they took everything John Carpenter did to perfection in
Halloween - a masterpiece of the genre- and decided to disregard it. The
result is less a horror film than merely a horrible one.

If nothing else, this film does make you appreciate how truly well done the
Halloween with no numbers next to it is and how even twenty years and six
sequels later your time would be far better spent watching the original.

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