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"The Sunchaser"

by David Sterritt

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Michael Cimino made an early bid for popularity with "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" and for intellectual respectability with "The Deer Hunter," then gambled away his winnings with the notorious "Heaven's Gate" and failed comeback attempts like "Year of the Dragon" and "The Sicilian." This year finds him back in the Cannes lineup with "The Sunchaser," an ambitious blend of hackneyed chase scenes and New Age hokum packaged as an intergenerational buddy movie. Woody Harrelson stars as an LA doctor kidnapped by a 16-year-old gang-banger who wants to find physical and spiritual peace via an Indian medicine man he's read about in a book he stole from a prison library. There's nothing particularly wrong with the picture as a run-of-the-mill adventure yarn, and kids will eagerly line up for it when Warner Bros. unleashes it on shopping-mall screens this summer. But it's hard to imagine what this barrage of brainless pyrotechnics is doing in the world's most important film festival.

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