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"Dance Me to My Song"

by David Sterritt

It certainly isn't hard to imagine a Best Actress award going to Heather Rose, the star and coscreenwriter of "Dance Me to My Song," directed by Rolf de Heer, whose "The Quiet Room" was so memorable in 1996. Rose plays a severely disabled woman who strikes up a friendship with an ordinary man, then finds herself in an unexpected love triangle with this new companion and her emotionally disturbed caretaker, who abused and mistreated her even before the romantic rivalry started to develop. The movie would seem exploitative if Rose hadn't coauthored it herself, but her harrowingly honest performance--physically, she is the character she portrays, multiple handicaps and all--is precisely what lifts the otherwise too-familiar drama into the realm of genuinely unique cinema. It's one of the highlights of the festival so far.

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