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by Kathleen Carroll

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I was equally impressed with James Mangold's first feature "Heavy." It's already earned Mangold favorable attention at both Sundance and Cannes and it attracted a standing room only crowd at its public screening here. Using remarkably little dialogue "Heavy" slowly reveals the limited existence of an overweight pizza cook.

Like Paddy Chayevsky's Marty Victor is a shy, inarticulate man with a devoted mother (Shelley Winters). Experiencing his first serious crush on a pretty young waitress (Liv Tyler) he can only fantasize about her. Filled with telling visual details this poignant, beautifully defined character study contains an extraordinary performance by Taylor Pruitt Vance who's so good you don't believe he's merely acting the role.

(This article portion has been taken from "Toronto Take Nine: New Directors" which is contained within the "The Complete Articles" area of "Film Scouts at Toronto".)

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