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"Kini and Adams"

by David Sterritt

Also enjoyable, although in a far lower key, have been small-scale pictures like "Kini & Adams," by Burkina Faso filmmaker Idrissa Ouedraogo, and "Journey to the Beginning of the World," by Manoel de Oliveira, easily the greatest of all Portuguese directors. Ouedraogo's opus focuses on two friends who hope their dream of starting a taxi business will lift them (and Kini's family) out of poverty. Kini gets a managerial job at a local quarry, though, and corporate ambition starts replacing loyalty in his heart. That's hardly an original story idea, and the movie has plenty of other narrative and characterological cliches, as well. But it's nicely acted, and Ouedraogo has filmed it in his usual unpretentious, vernacular style.

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