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"The Brave"

by David Sterritt

On the other end of the quality spectrum, Saturday provided one of those experiences of which legends are made. In the morning, Johnny Depp gave us "The Brave," which followed a promising first half-hour with 90 minutes of increasing bad melodramatics redeemed only by certain portions of Ry Cooder's music. Adding insult to injury were Depp's flagrant thefts from Jim Jarmusch's infinitely superior "Dead Man," one of Cannes's most memorable highlights two years ago. Things were equally apalling when Wim Wenders unveiled "The End of Violence" at the evening press screening--a picture that didn't even have a halfway decent score to its credit. This makes two Cannes disasters in a row for the once-estimable Wim, who bored us into a similar stupor with "Faraway, So Close!" a couple of seasons back. It's clear that Johnny Depp isn't ready to make a movie yet, but I thought Wim Wenders was!

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