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"Can't Hardly Wait"

by Thom Bennett

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For those who have had a sort of hollow feeling inside of themselves since
John Hughes stopped making "John Hughes Movies" and opted instead for the
kiddie movie and remake market, the movie you have been waiting for has

With the teen horror genre experiencing a resurgence as it did in the 80's,
why not the high school comedy? Can't Hardly Wait revisits the formula
made famous by Mr. Hughes a decade ago - the result? A funny, thoroughly
entertaining film which is a treat for those of us who grew up watching the
Brat Pack suffer through the horror of their teenage years.

Last night of high school, big party, everybody is going to be there -
nobody reinvented the wheel here. However, if you 1) were a teenager in the
1980's, 2) watch The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink when they are on
every week or so, or 3) miss Molly Ringwald terribly, you will love this
one - at least I did.

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