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"Last Summer in the Hamptons"

by Kathleen Carroll

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One either loves or loathes the work of longtime Hollywood maverick Henry Jaglom. I know of one film critic who makes it a rule never to see any of his movies for fear it will cost her her sanity.

Her form of avoidance therapy seems a shame for Jaglom's newest movie, a playful Chekhov-inspired comedy that centers around a typically overwrought and hopelessly egocentric theatrical family, is highly entertaining. The director has wisely cast a beloved grande dame of the acting profession, Viveca Lindfors, as the family matriarch, paying tribute to both her admirable career and her own majestic personality. For pure

amusement there's Victoria Foyt (otherwise known as Mrs. Jaglom) flouncing about as a nouveau Hollywood star who will seduce anyone for a chance at her first serious role.

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