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Part VI (September, 2001)

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I don't know that a movie has affected my life, there are a lot of "good to watch" movies out there! I can most relate to the Titanic! It has got to be one of my all time favorites! The romantic end of it that is! I was dating a girl at the time, who was kinda in Rose's situation, were she wasn't happy with her life, and I came along! ...We were not supposed to love each other, but we did! And it was a lot like Rose and Jack's story! She even calls me Dawson and I call her my Rose!... The most dramatic line ( we use it to each other ) is... Don't let go... never let go! Anyway, I ain't trying to write a novel here... just surfin' the web! - Moab, Utah, USA

I don't think a movie has ever really affected my life just because of knowing that most of the movies I watch are not real. Unless it's based upon a true story then most of the time it will freak me out, but most of the time I will forget about in the next 2 weeks or so. - Cincinnati, USA

'In the name of the Father' allowed more sympathy from me for the IRA and their cause. 'Saving Private Ryan' gave me respect for those who fought for my freedom. - Ely, England

Making movies is the greatest thing that someone can do. It is our imagination, and want to bring others joy, which drives us to make movies. That is what has encouraged a group of my friends and I to make a video which will bring back memories of times forgotten by some. In the making of our video, it has given me a more positive outlook on life. Looking at our almost completed movie, makes me feel happy that others, like me, will also be greatly impacted and feel differently about life. - Palmdale, California, USA

Movies bring me laughter as well as tears, sometimes. They can also alleviate part of my bad feelings. - Luo Yang, China

Not much other than the fact that I go out for entertainment only. I go out once in a while so I won't always have to worry about schoolwork and stuff like that. It's a time when I can be stress-free and relaxed. - Rohnert Park, USA

It made me want to write my own and thats what I've be doing - Faversham, Kent, England

Well some; has made me want to become an actress - Buffalo, NY, USA

I decided to quit using heroin after seeing Trainspotting - Vancouver, Canada

It has made me open my eyes and see things differently - Marina, USA

Makes me feel happy - Cochrane, Canada

It just makes me think about things I do and the way I am and the way I act. - Milford, Ohio, USA

Wow, well the main way its effected my life is I met my wife at the movies.... - Parkhills, USA

Usually I go to the movies, when I have nothing else to do. I like movies more then watching TV, but going to cinema gives me a lot of new emotions. - Tallinn, Estonia

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH They are my life - Russell, Canada

it made me see another side of life. i also have decided to start my career in that field. - Philadelphia, USA

Makes the reality more intelligible. - Athens, Greece

Some romantic story affects my life most. - Hong Kong, China

If a movie is able to gender a response from inside, it truly transports one into another realm. I admire movies that make me feel real emotions. - Oklahoma, USA

Well many have I cannot remember exactly but I know they have. - Mumbai, India

"Titanic" affected the way I look at fate and death. - Concord, CA, USA

It's made me be happy. - Edinboro, USA

It sorta prepares me for what might happen - Sakatchewan, Canada

"X Files" and "The Watcher" convinced me that I would like to join the FBI, but not just in the field but in forensics as well (being that I have begun the prerequisites for nursing, I have found out that I would like to be a little more in charge of a situation than the situation being in charge of me). - Chadron, USA

Greatly. I know almost everything about American filmmakers. But I'd like to learn more. I hope that my membership in Film Scouts will help me to do it. - Ekaterinburg, Russia

My whole life is related to movies. Since I was a kid I connect films with my daily life. - Mendoza, Argentina

Not at the moment, but I like to think so in another time in the future. - Callao, Peru

The movie that affected my was "Titanic" - Puebla, Mexico

Lots of movies affected my life in one way or another... All of them made me want to make movies. - Lebanon

The movie "Steel Magnolias" taught me that you should do everything you can because you never know how long you're going to live. - Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Depending of the type of movie: a comedy may alleviate stress. - Houston, TX, USA

I seldom see a movie, because work always occupies my spare time, but I like flims. I am easily moved by the story. - Beijing, China

I very small speak english!!!! - Czech Republic

A movie can teach me about anything. Thank you. - Indonesia

I dont think that any film has affected my life, except perhaps "The Fountainhead" with Daniel Massey. - UK

Most movies bring great knowledge and experience, that sometimes some things you don't know about you find out from the movies that you watch. - Honolulu, Hawaii USA

When I saw "American Beauty" for the first time, I was speechless; it was done so well and it made me realize that there is life behind everything. To this day, it is my favorite movie of all time and everytime I think about the movie it makes me realize how precious life really is. - Selma, IN, USA

I cant really say that one movie has affected my life, but throughout my life I have watched hundreds of excellent films and I have learned little things from each of them which I can use in real life - York, England

It gives me a sense of joy and happiness. - Meade, Kansas, USA

I remember leaving the theater feeling like I'd just discovered a piece of myself. Since then I have been on the road of self-development and I am loving it. - UK

Movies in general give me insight to life. They help me to understand and and comprehend people and why they sometimes don't do things how you want them to. - Fernandian Beach, Florida, USA

In a good way. - Bucharest, Rumania

To think positive and be realistic - Columbus, Ohio, USA

If it is well done. I mean true to life or very comical it stirs my emotions in areas I my have not thought were there. - Hawaii, USA

By lifting me out of my grim circumstances and making me realise there's a world of pure joy out there ("Raiders Of The Lost Ark"). By introducing me to different ways of life and cultures ("Goodfellas", "The Mosquito Coast", "The Truman Show"). By making me realise I'm not the only lonely individual on the planet ("Taxi Driver") - Edinburgh, Scotland

I see comedy and social movies and avoid violence. It relaxes me from my routine. - Calcutta, India

Learning a lot of life skills - China

The gate to another reality. - Kiev, Ukraine

Movies are the best thing that happened to this world. - Illinois, USA

I can't walk vry well; I was in a car accident a few years ago, so all I do is watch movies. I love it now that I can just log on and watch. - Toronto, Onatario, Cananda

Saw a great flick called "Mainly Etc." It blew my freakin' mind!! After that I've been hooked on Indie movies and can't seem to get enough! Looking for a indie fix and caught a link from Big Film Shorts! Looks like you'll be my newest dealers... LOL... Thanks in advance for the hospitality...Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

it doesn't really affect my life, it just helps make it enjoyable - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

I like to see all types of movies but the best are romance films, and I hope to make some of these films. Thank you. - Oman

Well they change the way I see life and every different movie has its own lesson that teaches me something - Scarborough, UK

I believe the effect that movies have on my life is varied from movie to movie. The movie that impacted my life the most was "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover". I am from a small town and saw this movie when I was young. I believe that had our town not made the mistake of showing it, I would have never begun watching foreign films. I am very happy that movie came to my town and they were too ignorant to know what NC17 was. - Austin, Texas, USA

In a big way, since I was a child I was fascinated by films. It is pure escapism for me, and it's the only way for me to relax. I own about 500 movies on VHS and DVD, and keep in touch with what is new. - London, England

it realy helps me cope with my anger problem and my stepmother's death. - Virginia, USA

I want to make movies for a living, so I'd say it has affected me a ton. - USA

It makes me laugh, cry, but it is very entertaining to watch one. Like "The Mummy Returns". It was romantic, sad, adventurous, and funny, I think that those kinds of movies are REALLY good. It has affected my life by, I don't know that, it is very difficult to answer. - Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

I love film. It is full of my life. - Tianjin, China

I love the Mummuy and the Mummy Returns i am a huge fan of Brendan Fraser and I like his movies and I hope I can know how to fight like that. i hope you can put Fraser in many more movies. -

I have always seen movies. I'm 25 years old and would like to try to be an actor, what can I do to try to be an actor in Hollywood? I think I could be a good actor. Please let me know - Oslo, Norway

To the point where I wanted to start making films after watching my first film at the age of five back in a tiny village in Greece. It's right out of "Cinema Paradiso!" - Seattle, USA

It doesn't really affect my life, I just enjoy going to the movies with my pals! -

It changed the way I look at life and the way I feel about life and the way I basically live my life. - Little River, SC, USA

A lot. We are organizing the film festival for students and beginning filmmakers and students. I got the contact for your website and I appreciate how good it looks. We are just at the start of creating the culture centre in Terezin. - Terezin, Czech Republic

They have made me think, and pose ethical questions. - Storm Lake, USA

They have totaly changed my life. They have become my reality. i can't eat or sleep or live without seeing a movie. I mean you get into the movie and its like you can't remember your own life and how much it sucks. I live in the movies. I get kicked out of movies all over because I just can't leave. - New York, NY, USA

Movies have constantly affected my life. They have inspired me to be a better person, and they have filled me with a certain knowledge. For that I am thankful for movies and I hope to persue a career as a producer, director, or actor. Either way, I would love to be in the film industry. - Forest Hills, New York, USA

First of all, movies, particularly American movies, are my teachers and keep me up with the English language, including swear words. Second, ways of behavior, cultures and sceneries have always influenced and excited me; like cyber tours and affairs. Third, topics for chats, and camera movements/SFX for my video production expertise. And... always thrilling regardless of the themes of movies; action or romance. - Chiba, Japan

Many movies show me the meaning of life and how to survive the the BIG BIG WORLD. - Huddersfield, England

I think movies are the one of the most extraordinary things in life. They have the power to move and stir feeling in a human being, they envoke passion and extreme emotion. A film that has touched me has been 'Seven' and the kick-arse classics James Cameron directed: 'Terminator' and 'Terminator 2, Judgement Day'. My favourite actor is Kevin Spacey. There is an uprise in talent which is shown by Haley Joel Osement in the brilliant, spine-chilling 'Sixth Sense'. These films open your mind for a world of possibilities; I believe 'Terminator' could happen and spirits exsist. - Manchester, England.

Good movies provide knowledge and entertainment. - Abu Dhabi, UAE

I see how other people live their lives in movies. - Korea

Well, I studied cinema and I made a short film named "Por un bistec" (based on a short story by Jack London about a boxer). And I am starting in this "danger" world of cinema!. Congratulations because your web-site is really good! - Barcelona, Spain

"Sleeping With the Enemy" gave me strenth to leave my fiancÚ. - Aberdeen, United Kingdom


I live to watch movies & porn, its the best thing to do when you're bored. - Lower Lake, California, USA

Movies don't usully affect my life, but they affect my emotions and attention span, sometimes I learn from movies, but they aren't something I NEED in my life, they are just a good form of entertainment. - Edmonton, Canada

I dont actually go to the movies they come to me. I work at blockbuster. I love movies! - Miamisburg, USA

Movies are everything. They complete me. - Santos, Brazil

O.K. I think they have not affected my life, because I'm 17 years old and I have an older perspective. Only I observed many sex scenes in movies that I think are not good for many young people... I am a Girl Scout, 8 years later. - Madero City, Tamaulipas State, Mexico

Most movies are just entertainment, sometimes educational or inspirational. Hard to say if any one film affected my life in such a way as to cause change, etc. I enjoy seeing science with science fiction - from the electrity used to make Frankenstein alive (DNA flask w/water, soil was exposed to electricity and formed DNA) and how Jurrasic Park used DNA to create dinosaurs (using dino DNA from a mosquito trapped in amber and adding it to an ostrich egg embryo with gaps filled in with frog DNA, etc.). Emotionally? "Sophie's Choice" gets the Oscar. - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Some movies just open different concepts of thought. - Concord, CA, USA

Most give me a better outlook in life. - Brooklyn, NY, USA

Becaue this forum makes me happy - repeat I'm very happy. - Egypt

Las pel╠culas que se basan en la vida real, las encuentro interesantisimas ya que te ofrecen vivencias de solidaridad, optimismo, optimismo y experiencias - Caracas, Venezuela

It has put good in me. Some movies reflect your life, as a black woman - Euclides da Cunha, Bahia, Brazil

Self-confidence! - Beijing, China

The movie "PAY IT FORWARD" was an interesting film... It made you think. I thought about the boy who played in the movie and how his one act of kindness lead to another, then another... Ya know.. that could happen, Maybe I "felt" the movie, not just watched it! Just my thoughts... :-) - Washington, PA, USA

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