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Part VII (February, 2003)

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Especially about love, by watching movies on the Internet, I have changed my life so differently, not just in feeling but also in every field. Thanks a lot for the development of information and your website. - Tiayuan, China

They simply teach me about situations in life. They affect my reactions and decisions. I love them. - Tampa, Florida, USA

I am in high school and I am very interested in movies and would like to work in a movie studio as a producer/actress/scriptwriter. - Grandview, USA

Its a way to be in other worlds, knowing people, ways to think, fantasies, etc. This way increases my way to see life - Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

Made me see how important relationships are. - Seattle, USA

The movies have affected me by me wanting to become an actress. - Meridianville, USA

I really can't say one movie, but the most recently was "We were Soldiers". Once again Mel Gibson did a great job acting and it made me think how in life we really do not think of taking care of fellow man or just doing whatever it takes to ensure one's life and others - Los Angeles, CA, USA

It make me have more imagine and excitement. - China

Films like "Cry Freedom" affected my social consciousness, but mostly they relax me - Medway, UK

Just amazing thing in my life, so I'm eager to get to know all your stories. - China

The movies _are always the other part of my life_. - China

It has inspired my life to make many changes and hopes for the future. - Huntington, NY, USA

Change of thought on certian subjects. - Australia

Movies always make me feel good about life. - California, USA

It depends; some move me, and make me think twice about a certain situation. - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

They inspire me into becoming something I'm not - Bradford, England

Some make me cry, some make me laugh, some make me angry, some make me just walk away without feeling affected. - Berkeley, California, USA

When i watch a movie I relly enjoy them and it's like I want to have them. I just sit there and watch it and just relax. - Westminster, California, USA

I fell in love with Gary Oldman - Detroit, USA

It gave me the strength to strive for a better life - Columbus, Ohio, USA

I think a perfect movie can affect a person's life very significantly. Take me for example, once I saw a movie called "The Bridges of Madison County". The two actors'great performances hit me very strongly. The story is so beautiful and moving. Especially, Clint Eastwood gave an excellent performance. I appreiciate him so much. Of course the actress, I don't know her English name, she did very well too. I like the movies. - Jinan, China

Amazing - Shanghai, China

To understand that what I go throught is normal. - Brownsburg, USA

I am a feature film director in the Bollywood. - Mumbai, India

Very deeply - China

Well lately, since I've decided to get into film acting, and am about to take up some classes, I have been doing a lot of preparing. What I mean by preparing is that I've been studying at the library by reading all sorts of books concerning acting fundamentals, stimuli, listening and things of that nature. So what I'm learning from these books is what I'm using every time I go to a movie now, I look at a movie in a certain way by how the actors are bringing a character to life or the technique one is using and by doing that I think it has a great effect on me in which there are ways that I can use this information to my liking and relate by picking up and putting it all together, so I myself can become a good or maybe even a great actor someday soon. - Minneapolis, USA

It relaxes my thoughts when I have been bored and allows me the chance to enjoy time with freinds and other people. I also like it because it keeps me up to date with the outside world. - Windhoek, Namibia

Very much so, in all aspects, sometimes you dont have to go through the same problems with others. People have to learn a lesson (applies to true-story movies). - Miami, Florida, USA

It showed me life is wonderful. - China

It's my favorite form of entertainment. Like a good book it takes me to places and experiences I never had before - Maywood, New Jersey, USA

It makes me think more about life and the need to preserve freedom and the new age that has dawned for the world and glad that the USA and UK are together in this new age as our two countries are the last hope the planet has against the tide of hate. The hate of freedom must be stoped... full stop - UK

Taught me to be open and love life. They have provided a great escape over the years. - Jersey City, NJ, USA

A movie screen is like a window for me to enjoy the life outside. - Changchun, China

That is all I do - Sydney, Australia

Finally in my life, I am having movie dates. But movies have really changed in the last 30 years. - Elkridge, MD, USA

Important part of my experiential life - Palo Alto, California, USA

"Fargo" just made me realise how scaffy and money-grabbing people really are in society today. But it was a totally outrageous film. Ten out of ten, Coen Brothers. - Northern Ireland

I'm now traumatized by "Sweet November" j/k. - San Dimas, California, USA

Having to put up with sayings - Australia

Movies are great! I mean you can get away from it all, it's your own fantasy land. When I watch a movie I really like I go away thinking WOW that was great. The only movie I didn't like was "The Spy Game", that was too backwards, but anyway it takes me out of my life because I live in the biggest city in New Zealand but I dream of better things and places and just watching some movies takes me away from my little island and just for a few hours I'm a part of a whole new place which I like to visit every now and weekend. - Auckland, New Zealand

I built my career over it - Miami, FL, USA

I use it in teaching students. - Glendale USA

learned alot about life's situations. - shantel kathman, spencer united states

Brings me into a fantasy or reality. - Baldwin Park, USA

By wanting to make my own to show the world just how bad the movies in the theatres are. - Toronto, Canada

Is a part of my life. - China

It has caused me to watch, read, and write about movies continually. - St. Paul, MN, USA

I don't really know but I like to watch movies because it takes off stress. I met someone - Cairo, Missouri, USA

I love to watch movies that are spiritual or supernatural, they are movies that i really enjoy like "The Sixth Sense", "What Dreams May Come", and "Unbreakable". They give some sort of answers to our questions or curiosities about our being. - Baltimore, USA

Some movies can change your views on things and make you think twice - Akron, Ohio, USA

The movies affect my life by:
1. Giving me a time to get out of the house esp. With my son.
2. Relaxation.
3. A dose of positiveness/laughter especially if the movie is a comedy.
4. But i will never forget "The Excorcist". I could not sleep for two weeks. That is & was the scariest movie in my life!! - Houston, Texas, USA

It has allowed me to realize that there are persons in the world who are suffering and even though the movies aren't "real" we can relate to them. - Kingston, Jamaica

It can give me joy in my life. Because all the stories come to life, but it is better than life. - Guangzhou, China

I try to imitate the movies in my life. - Chihuahua, Mexico

Some movies show me the true meaning of friendship. - Bassfield, USA

The world of movies is really an effective legacy and has been throughout time. They capture us, they stick to us, they help you to escape reality for a brief hour to 3 hours. The Godfather, Ben-Hur, The Graudate and other true film legacies are truly miracles, and they are just unbelievable to watch. The great movies last forever; they never get old. When you hear 'For God's sake, Mrs. Robinson!' you instantly think of The Graduate, because it sticks to your head. It is a mental legacy; movies are mental legacies. - Shoreview, MN, USA

Movies have made me the most dramatic person in my hometown. I now have a certain way to act to every situation I experience. - Bel Air, MD, USA

some have affected me mentally - Jonathan Bivens, United States of America Brandon,FL

Movies which show great feelings very attract me... - St. Petersburg, Russia

It tells me more about different people and their lives and feelings. - Tianjin, China

I love movies, they are the best way to get together with your friends and family. A movie effects my life when I go to a movie in a bad mood and come out in a good mood. Thank you so much for the chance to watch great movies. - Australia

"White Squall" affected my life because it was a film that showed what really happened on a school ship. I cried in some parts like the killing of the dolphin and after the ship sinks Scott Wolf recalling all that lost their lives. I have been a fan of Scott's since I was 12 years old and now that I am 18 years old, I have really enjoyed his work. Especially "White Squall". - Mesa, USA

By a movie,i can know other people how live in everyday life. I can learn a foreign language when i see a foreign movie. - Shenzhen, China

They bring out numerous emotions that are reserved for special specific events in our lives. - Salisbury, USA

A lot of the movies have affected me emotionally. The sad ones make me cry and think about things. The comedy makes me laugh whenever I am having a bad day. The action movies just make me feel like maybe I could do some of that stuff to be the hero. The are a big part of my life. I may not go to the movies a lot, but I do watch a lot of them when they come out on video or dvd, and they always make me fell better. - San Angelo, USA

They make me forget about daily life and relax. - Wheeling, USA

It has taught me to feel better about myself and do not care about what is on the outside but on the inside - Camden, USA

It is amazing for my life, I can get a active life. - Dalian, China

It is just something to do to get out of the house and enjoy. - Schenectady, NY, USA

I watch all movies at home at this time. We have a 16-month-old and 2 more on the way. - Long Valley, NJ, USA

Not really, I just think that they are really cool becuz they seem so real. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

It depends the movie. If it is sad and true it kills my life and makes me feel guilty becouse they did not have that special thing any more. If it is funny it helps everyone's self-esteem. - Utah, USA

Movies tap into the part of the soul that goes untouched or unused for so many years. It removes a person from their current reality, and places them into a state of mind that is untouchable to the cruel and everyday world. I have become a better and more worldly person because of this. And to top it off, my brother, Tony Baldridge, is an up-and-coming director of movies. His latest being the short film "Juncture 11:34" being promoted on - San Diego, CA, USA

It has made a difference:
1. I can now sit for three hours and not have to get up to smoke.
2. I am somewhat deaf, which is a good excuse when confronted by my wife that I don't listen to her.
3. I can undo a bra - its gone in 60 seconds.
4. My legs are much stronger due to the suction of the theater floor.
5. I have developed a writer's sense of humor, and unfortunately their bum lifestyle.
6. Last, I get to write tiny bits of dribble, like this, that I don't know that anybody will read. Hey, thats kind of like you, isn't it. - Wylie, Texas, USA

I'm a screenwriter, so you can imagine. - Mexico City, Mexico

It opened my eyes, filled the gap and stirred real emotions by its brilliance and it became part of my past. - United Kingdom

Well I want to become an actor so I write my own movies in hope of getting a big break, so watching movies helps me understand more about how to wrtie movies how to label the people of the movies and of course how to act. I go to the movies every weekend Saturday and Sunday so I get a lot of information on how to get started in writng a movie - matthew walker, st.louis

"The Green Mile" is the movie that affected me the most because of the way the they treated him as if he was as dumb as he sounded. - Detroit, Michigan, USA

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