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Part V (July, 2000)

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It made me start loving every movie I ever watched - Archbald,US

I use movies as good first date materials. No matter if the movie is good or bad u will have something to talk about none the less. - Oceanside, USA

War of the Roses (Michael douglas, Sharon Stone) helped me get over the anger from my own divorce. - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

No movie has really affected my life, but I do tend to watch alot of them and use quotes from them in my daily life. It drives my friends nuts, but thats what I like! - Burlington, Ontario Canada

"Body and soul" ... made me learn more blake ... I was already a fan of garfield and boxing. - Hermosa Beach, CA

They treat my life like it is something new - Yakima WA, USA

I have been watching movies so long, I started studing them. Now I [am] trying to get a good acting but from where I live thats hard. - USA

Gives me a lot of pleasure - Daytona Beach, FL USA

What can I say about movies, my grandmother owned the local movie theatre in the small town I grew up in [in] Northern Ireland. When I was six years old I thought Jeff Chandler was [a] permanent guest at the local hotel and Satchmo was an Apache Chief. When I was seven I would walk on the other side of the street when they were showing an X certificate movie such as Dracula, Circus of Horrors or The Mummy. When I was eight I was allowed into watch the movies that a year before even the thought of them terrified me. After that I was hooked by a stream of movies that I still enjoy to this day from Tumbleweed, Ben Hur, Bonnie and Clyde, Cool Hand Luke, In the Heat of the Night, She, A Hard Days Night, Zulu, Star Wars, Jean de Florette, Z, The Wild Bunch, La Belle et Le Bete and Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal - and what about the Gospel according to St. Matthew! I just love movies......... - Dublin, Ireland

They have been and still are one of my greatest passions. I will wait in line for hours to be at the premiere of a movie - Cambridge, MA, USA

Makes me think - Houston, TX United States

I want to own my own entertainment company - Miramar, USA

Movies meen the world to me, I live eat sleep movies, I work so I can buy videos and go to the movies, different movies affect me in different ways, to many to name here - Mansfield, England

If it`s a good comedy movie because I like to laugh a lot. - Aylmer Quebec

I love it very much - Wei Wang, Beijing, P.R. China

When I was younger could not sleep . - NJ, USA

I don't think that I have been overly affected by any movie - Indianapolis USA

Important. - Piscataway, NJ, USA

From the time I was 12, till about 15 I was madly in love with my best friend. She was a girl and I didn't know if something was wrong with me or what, having these kind of feelings for another girl was "sick". I never told anyone but her, and she was really uncomfortable with it. Anyways, I thought I was the only one in the world with those feelings. Until I saw the movie "All Over Me". This one movie opened up a whole new world to me. Now I am 20 and I know that what I felt is what a lot of young teenagers feel. It is really nice that movies like that can make you feel "normal". Great flick! - De Pere, WI USA

Wings Of Desire (Wim Wenders) is one of those films that puts life into perspective. I watch it every time I'm down and always feel whole again after seeing it (and it made me go to Berlin as well!). - London, England

Well no movie really affects me but I am a self-proclaimed movie critic. But the one movie that I thought was awesome is The Matrix. To me it seemed as though Neo at first didn't want to believe he was the one because he feared sucess. But as the plot grew he realized that it wasn't fear that was in the way but his own ability to believe in himself. - Eagle Pass Texas, USA

It has shown me what i want and don't want, what kind of person I want to be and try to be every day, it has told me life is too short for the stupid stuff. Don't be afraid to live because if you are, you'll regret it for ever. - Manhattan, Kansas

I wish the movie industry would clean up their language. They ruin a great movie with such trashey talk. I especially am offened by the use of the G.D. word. There is never a place for that kind of language. "The Bachelor", for instance, was a good what point was it really necessary for that language?? I am disappointed in our film makers these days. They sell their soul for the "shock effect" of movies. I would love to see a movie without any of the language but most of all I would like to see film makers become responsible. They have such an influence over this generation of people, and frankly it is scary to imagine what we are going to wind up with in the next century. I am not saying that they are solely responsible, but they play a big part. Kids learn from what they are exposed too. Garbage in, garbage's no wonder the lack of respect is evident, today. Of course, the parents play a big part in it by not knowing what their kids are up to. Bottom line is there are not enough GOOD, Wholesome movies being cranked out any more. I know my opinon will not change Hollywood, but I do feel better getting this off my chest. Maybe if enough people did a change WOULD happen. - (No location given)

TrainSpotting has gave me an inside idea about what my life would be like if I was addicted to heroin - Belfast, Ireland

Ferris Buellers day off, he's my idol - United States

Not too much. I like the movies but just for fun - Puebla, Mexico

Life is beautiful earlier this year made me jack in my job, and leave the country for a month. Don't regret the madness, life's too short. Also, harking back a while. Romper Stomper, shocking film but all racists should be made to watch it! - London, England

Well, the only movie that has actually "affected" my life was " Saving Private Ryan." The only reason it "affected" me was because I have a brother and other relatives that have been to war. - Johnson City, TN USA

It is my escape from a long week of wear and tear. I find art, escape, history and knowledge in most of my movie choices. - Sturgeon Bay, WI , USA

None have yet - Forked River, NJ

The very essence of any movies effects me immensly. They drive my every emotion. - Shahid Ali, Birmingham, UK

My life is a movie- - Seattle, WA USA

For instance, Cinema Paradiso has made me see the true magic of cinema. Transpotting has made me question my way of living (especially the actual menning of modern life), as well as Fight Club. - Lisbon, Portugal

Teaches me
Helps me see things from a different view
Helps me understand - Center Tuftonboro NH, USA

Many ways... my perspective of life and awareness. - Malaysia

It has made me think about the real isues of life. They have also just been good entertainment. - Chatanooga, United States

The very first movie I ever saw was ET and it is still one of my favourites. Movies mean everything to me. In the future I want to express myself through the power of movies as I want to write for film and help direct. Ever since I saw ET it inspired me to want to do this as that movie brought so much joy to me and showed me how I can do the same for people all around the world through the power of a movie! - Doncaster, England

It has affected a great part of my life... - Yorba Linda , CA

Made me realize what i wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Making movies. - Ridgefield, CT

They have tuned me into a couch patato - The Virgin Islands

A movie sometimes lets you realize you can't always take life and all its surprises for granted. - St. John's, Antigua

Some movies affected my life like a great unconscious desire!!! - Milan, Italy

No - China

Childs Play 2 and Bride of Chucky have made me more self-awared to the horrors of the everlasting world. - UK

Gone with the wind - Shenzhen

In every way, I am an actor becasue of my love for movies - New York, USA

At my age (81) Have seen many movies.Yet it is difficult to say any has truly affected my life. Enjoyment and entertainment have certainly resulted from my interest in the movies. Although it must be more than 60 years now, "Les Miserables" is the movie I was most impressed with. Can't say it affected my life in any direct way that I am conscious of. But neither did the book which was even more memorable than the movie.Ben Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty, Casablanca, Anthony Adverse,and Gone with the Wind also made an unusual impression on my artistic sensitivities. - Marietta, GA USA

Movies mean perfection for me. I love films, I think that attraction was born in me the same day I was born. When I lived in Cuba I used to see about 10 films a week. There is always a good pretext for watching a film. I've read a lot about its history, and I've watched all kinds of films from everywhere. My way of judging a good film has grown and has become more mature. The highest goal I could reach in my life is to become a filmmaker but if it never happens I won't be unhappy because movies have brought and will keep on bringing enough happiness to my heart. Besides the classics like Citizen Kane there have been about 200 films that have deeply touched me. I like European films especially those from the 60's and 70's or Bunuel's and VISCONTI, and FELLINI., I like Bergman and his great Fanny und Alexander, I love the good American filmmakers and Independents, I Like very the treassures you can find in Latinoamerican films as well as the asiatic. I could write right now the greatest films I've seen or at least a great part of them but that takes time and space, so I'm going to mention six of the best I saw this last two years: La vitta e bella, from Italy. Central station, from Brazil, Happiness, from US, Festen, from Denmark, Todo sobre mi madre,from Spain, The Pillow book, from England amd one of the films released in the 90's that I love the most that I see almost each three month, Before The Rain from Macedonia. Suddenly my head is full of titles that have impressioned me but I won't mention them because I won't finish this message. you could write me to my e-mail address, I"d like to have friends who love films and like to talk about it. - Miami FL. US

Great movies can be inspiring. I haven't seen enough of them, but every time I watch a new one there is a hope for magic. I would have to say the best movie I've seen is THE GODFATHER - it's absolutely perfect in every way. Good movies help to provide an escape from the problems of everyday life. The best ones provoke meaningful thought from the audience or may even change attitudes. That's what happened the first time I saw CHINATOWN, SCHINDLER'S LIST or SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. The feeling of wonder created from the visual storytelling of these films is what keeps me coming back. - Palm Beach, USA

From the screams of scary movies - Sao Vicente Brasil

It gives me a place to relax and get away from the everyday problems. - Fayetteville, NC USA

In no way - Granite City

Movies had inspired me to go into the show business field when I grow up. - Sacramento, California

It has given me fun ideas (FUN IDEAS!) - Scottsdale, Australia

Good will hunting - Byron, IL USA

By my style of hairdos and who I hang with. - Farview IL, USA

Lots of movies have changed my life for various reasons. One of the most positive influences a movie has had on me was BEAUTIFUL THING. I am gay and (those of you who are gay I'm sure will relate) have spent the better part of my life (I'm 29) hearing that (in essence) I am am evil, I am going to hell, I am sick, etc. You can't tell me that doesn't affect the esteem of a young boy struggling to get through life just like everyone else. Anyway, this movie, BEAUTIFUL THING, was a very sweet movie dealing with two guys falling in love. It is not the normal sex romp that most gay movies are made out to be. It is just a very nice movie that makes you feel good about yourself, no matter who you are or what makes you feel different from those around you. (Man, was this too serious? My second choice would have been TOP GUN because I'd like to fly a plane. =) Is that better?) - Jackson (MS) USA

Recently, I've been able to construct a door between the realities of life and what I see in the movies. I can pass through either way and still know where I am. Most people, who are into movies, can't do this. They have internalized various things they got from the movies, say an actor. Some guys have internalized John Wayne, for example. It has almost ruined their life. His persona has changed their lives, for the worse. It's the same with titles. One guy's life was forever screwed in a "Taxi Driver" world. - Vero Beach, FL, USA

How I dress and mostly how I think of things - Farview , IL USA

I can not stand without searching about that movie - Eskisehir, Turkey

Star Wars - Ibague Tolima, Colombia

It attracts me very much. - Egypt

Dirty Dancing has really affected my life... - Hartlepool

Greatest source of entertainment, education and relaxation. Good movies are a throughly enjoyable experience. - Highlands, New Jersey

Every movie I watch affected my life a little. The lifestyle, the message or even the nice jokes!!! My favorite movie is Meet Joe Black... it shows how love must be!!! At least for me!!! - Tupă, Brazil

Thanks to many independent films, I learned that I'm not the only freak out there! I've learned more about myself and others through film more than any other interaction oor medium. - NY

Enlightened me as who i am...
relates me to life...
tell me that there is hope in life... - Singapore

Scary - Canada

I like to quote the forward and bold sayings of strong lead characters in movies. It has a very energizing and powerful feel to it, making you that actor. In the movie life is beautiful, I had such faith in Hollywood that when the main character died, all the people watching cried out for him. - West Vancouver Canada

Information,Recreation,Entertainment and many times solace & relaxation! - Mumbai, India-Hindustan.

Movies as important as my life. - Shanghai,China

To a greatest extent ! - Chennai, India

I made one last year called Underworld which will begin broadcasting to an Internet audience from June 1st at on a pay-per-view basis, but with a difference. Everybody gets to see 90% of the film for free. They only pay to see the end. This may be the future for independent film makers. Underworld: Coming soon to a desktop near you. - Mohill, Ireland

I would like to become a film maker - in the process of getting a degree in film making. - Pickerington, USA

I love movies. When I see one I start to really think. Like the Matrix made me think. I actually left my school cause I saw that some rules made no sense. Movies are great. And I will soon one day be in film making. - Allentown, PA

If i'm feeling sad a movie can make me happy - Corona, CA

A movie is the one and only place where you are always welcome. So I love the movies. - Bergen. Norway

I think it is very interesting to see the many different movies and ckeck them - Ilsfeld, Germany

In no way. I don't let movies effect me, they're just for entertainment - Inverness, MS

Action - Makkah , Saudi Arabia

To a point where I decided to become a screen-writer and a film-maker, effected my life dramatically. I guess this U-turn came after watching Clockwork Orange and the Third Man. - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It made me cry in front of my friends, which I never do and that means that it touched some where inside. - Perth, Australia

it made me think of an afterlife - Hiram, USA

Life - Lanzhou, China

I guess they affected it a lot because now I want to become an actress - Venice, Sarasota

Movies have affected my life in so many ways. To start off with, I work in a movie theater while going to school, so they are my source of money. I also would like to have a career in film, as I think it is such an amazing and universal medium for expressing yourself. Movies have entertained me and inspired me all of my life, and some are truly works of art. They provide a way for people to share the same experiences and ideas with one another. A ton of different movies have individually affected my life, from changing my perspective on things to helping me to deal with certain issues. - Mission Viejo, CA, USA

it changed my life not being scared - Walnut Hill, Florida

Actually, all people live in the real world, you need to face your work, family, friends, all about around us, some of this, we don't want to face it, but we can't, so a movie's world can give us a place to release ourselves. - Hong Kong

it gives me entertainment - Beaufort,United States

The half-baked movie told me to live life to the fullest - Raleigh, NC, USA

Very long - Sauk Rapids, United States

Entertainment - Stover, usa

I love watching movies and I find that they give me an unrealistic view of life. But I enjoy them for fun. - Provo, UT

Movies need to be rated - Provo Ut

The romantic movies are the best for they really get your heart pumping. The action ones sometimes are a little hard to believe. The dramas are great for they make you think and you stay away from your own problems. - Greenfield WI, USA

I am a Star Trek fan. I am watching every ST - film. - Klagenfurt, Austria

It has inspierd me to become an actor because i love indepent horror movies as the clown at midnight staring my favorite actress sarah lassez, and I would love to act like my favorite actor Johnny Depp. - Fairfax, Virginia

Either it scared me or I had to change my life thinking about how I could be that character. - Jamaica Estates, New York (U.S.A)

Yes - Guangxi

Movies keep me dreaming. - Backdrop, Australia

Movies allow me to get out of myself through the camera's P.O.V. By that I do not mean escapism (at least not entirely) but a form of meditation-like viewing. I have learned the value of objectivity and subjectivity within not only the frame but the world as well. Films have taught me to view the world voyeuristically through the frame but also to wonder what is outside the frame; what is not being shown or not being said and why? This may be a little too broad of an answer, but hey you asked. - Paul Williams, Edmonton, Canada

Well,know sounds funny but i have to say: my life is totally driven by movies. you know, I'm a child of cinema. i was born in front of a screen and during my whole life I have taken things from movies and out them in the world around me. It's my passion - and passion is what makes life have sense. - Brazil

Its effected my life in so many ways..I really can't say..but his has changed alot alot of the things I used to do..and what I do now - Warren, USA

Great experience - Gold River, CA USA

Redemption I the Shawshank - Zagreb, Croatia

Movies make me smile....they provide an escape - Albuquerque, NM USA

When you come out from the right movie, blinking because the light outdoors is so blinding- you swear that you are going to change your life. Some characters ever stay with you for a while and keep you company. Movies don't change your life, they just add the magic of seeing things in a different light, and adding the wonderful colour of imagination - another world. - Stockholm, Sweden

I tried a scene in a movie and it helped. A kid was trying to beat me up like six years ago and I whooped his ass - Albany, Oregon

its made me a better person? - London, England

I can't talk about any movie in particular, but... how can I put this: I'm a movie freak! I really want to be a film maker, but here in Brazil, that's almost impossible! I guess cinema, in general, affected my life, most of the times, I watch a movie and I imagine how that film would be like if I had made it... you know? Where would I put the camera, what specific thing I would film.. Well... who knows? For now, all I can do is watch and dream!
GOD, that sounded dramatic!But that is your fault! Whose idea was to make such a deep question????? :^)
bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Belém, Brazil

They are a great way to pass the time when I'm bored or it's to wet to do anything. - Austin, TX

A movie has affected my life like this: when I am sad or unhappy I go to the movies. - Las Vegas, Nevada United States

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