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Part IV (April, 1999)

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The movie "Internal Affairs" showed me something about domestic abuse. Andy Garcia smacks his wife because he loves her, not because he is a wife-beating bully. It's helped me straighten out alot of things in my life. - Burleson, TX USA

Changed my outlook on life! Make me more positive...also makes me lust over something I can never have - *the men* hehe - Oklahoma City, USA

It has shown me what I want to do with my life and how to act around other people! - Utah, U.S.A.

I felt that learned something of this country's (the civil war) history from watching "Gone With the Wind" - Morristown, USA

Loved "Evita". Have been playing the CD of the score, and reading biographies of Eva Peron and Juan Peron. Have downloaded the lyrics on the Net. - San Leandro, CA, USA

Never, it's entertainment - New Orleans USA

In what way? Some make me cry, some make me crazy!!! - Hurndon, Va.

Make me feel, sadness, happiness, laughter, love... - Brooklyn, NY

Movies have inspired me to persue a carrer in filmmaking, or acting - Raleigh, NC USA

In a good, bad kind of way. - USA

Movies usually bring me new awarenesses about life, and/or other people and cultures. That makes me feel closer in touch with the reality we live in on planet Earth. I dislike all the violence, sex and drugs used in films. I believe that movies are a powerful medium which can shape the world and certainly the society we all live in. It's truly an awesome responsibility and opportunity to present/ exhibit ideas and thoughts in this manner/ mode. It's like how good an alchemist is one, and what formulas of light, color, sound and movement have you chosen to work with. I respect and honor those who utilize this opportunity wisely, creatively, soundly and make a lot of money doing it!! - Honolulu, Hawaii

Movies give you a chance to escape your life and experience things that you wouldn't normally get to experience. If a movie is done really well it can motivate you in ways to enhance your life. Ultimately, a good movie should be able to bring to the viewer unknown worlds that exist beyond theirs while keeping it on a personal level that individuals can identify with. - Jackson, USA

I desgined a web site dedicated to "The English Patient" and began collecting everything related to the movie and novel. - Indianapolis, IN, USA

In many ways - L.A.

Dreams, nightmares, business, envy, fun. - Los Angeles, CA

A great deal as story, moral as a psychoanalyst and film critic etc. - Laverock, PA

As a screenwriter, I am deeply affected by movies. I love big action adventures, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a sucker for a strong love story. Some of the more influential films to me have been "Rebel Without a Cause", "Titanic", "Reservoir Dogs" and the "Star Wars" trilogy. I usually go to the movies every Friday night. In my opinion, opening night is the best time to go. That way, you see the flick before anyone, so you go in with an open mind, with no other opinions weighing on your judgement. But then again, it's mostly because I'm so excited for the movie, that I want to see it as soon as possible. The theatre experience beats anything. Sometimes, the small screen of a t.v. can't capture the power or intensity of certain movies. - Lawrence, KS

All films affect my life. Whether it's feeling great pain for a character, like in a film like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" or love deep in my heart while watching a film as simple as "When Harry Met Sally...", my life is affected. I'm even affected by a film I hate, such as the recent release "A Rat's Tale", which was so poorly done that it scared me into thinking I would be the poor sap who would make crap like that in the future. I mean, damn, is this a movie or a puppet show? But, to put it in a few short sentences, that's how a movie, any movie, affects me. - Atlanta, USA

How havn't they? - Knoxville, USA

After working on location with Dances With Wolves, I was bit baaaad, by the Hollywood bug, and turned to screenwriting and directing theatre. - Boulder, CO

"Titanic" affected my life more than any movie I've ever seen. I've spent so much money buying Titanic books and posters. Hours online finding stuff on it. I've got about 15 Titanic web pages in my favorite places. It's a wonderful movie with a wonderful script. I loved it. - Norman, OK

It made me start loving every movie I ever watched - Archbald, USA

Movies in general ... especially the Marx Bros., Robin Williams, and Gene Kelly ... have inspired me to pursue an acting career. - Newport News, USA

Sometimes I go to the moves to get an uplift, sometimes thay show me that where I'm at is not so bad. Other times I sure wish I could be in their place!!!!!!! - Beloit, USA

I have been a movie-goer all my life. I used to sneak out of the house to go see movies like "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral", "The Time Machine" and "Porkchop Hill"! That was back when they showed features continuously and you could stay all day, which I did. Dating myself, I suppose. There's something about the telling of the story that's facinates me. The visual component as well as the narrative. It's a real thrill when the director can make me forget I'm sitting in a theatre watching flashing images on a screen. The movie that has affected my life the most was "Star Wars". I was so impressed, I created a series of paintings that I'm still proud to show today. I don't know about anyone else, but in the first scene when the Star Destroyer entered rumbling over our heads, I got goose-bumps. It re-kindled my love for science fiction, art and is still fun to watch today 25+ years later. - Terrytown, USA

Movies have affected my life so much and it helps me with my job as a music producer. - Jakarta, Indonesia

The movie "Scream 2" taught me what to do if a psycho killer calls my house with the quote "bitch hang up the phone and *69 his ass" - Gretna, U.S.A.

"Wizard Of Oz" - There's no place like home! - Las Vegas, USA

How? When I was watching a thrill movie and It made me thrill - Philadelphia, United states

First off I'd like to stress that I HATE going to the movies. I do however love home video. I hardly ever go to the movies, but I rent about two or three movies a week. Besides, most movies I watch don't release in theatres. Most that know me consider me to be a finer authority on movies. I mean how many average joes have seen Ben Affleck in "Glory Days", and "Going all the Way"? But as an aspiring film student, there was one movie that strongly affected my opinion of film. This film was none other than "All Over Me". It was not only badly written, it had horrible acting. About the only good quality was the music (Ani DiFranco, Drugstore, Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith Group). But for some odd reason, nobody can stop watching this movie. Not only that, but most people end up renting it multiple times or even buying it. This is insane! This movie is beyond horrible. Then, after much dismay, you realize that you love this movie because it's about lesbians. It is a truly pitiful and remarkable conclusion, but it's the only possible answer. So anyway, this movie made me realize that you can have a terrible screenplay, terrible acting, and a low budget, and still make a watchable movie. So like they always say, "it just takes a few lesbians." - Wilmington, DE

Tarkovski's "The Sacrifice". ART. - Athens, Greece

I am addicted to movie esp. action type... I even buy a large screen projector to view other movies.. - Singapore

Happy - Abu Dhabi, UAE

The good movie gives me a platform to teach values. It helps me explain certain aspects of life and relationships to my family. It allows me to draw out critical reflection from those I love and myself. The good movie motivates me to live this life with a certain degree accountability to higher ultimate principles. Needless to say, few fit the bill. - Texas

Every time I attend a movie, I get some sort of social value. Like most southern women, I have identified with Scarlett O"hara....I've been "cheered up" by "Grease", I've been depressed by "Ordinary People", and have laughed uproariously at Jim Carey...I think that movies are important for many reasons. They reflect the moral attitudes of at least some segments of society, and serve those attitudes as food for thought to other factions. I am probably the most devout movie fanatic in the world, sometimes having paid full price for my entire family, and me to see as many as thirteen movies in a the same time I was working more than fifty hours a week...Some people smoke, some drink....Me...I just go to the movies...I LOVE IT! - Pensacola, FL, U.S.A.

"Colour Purple" touched me and since then I have very strongly protested against apartheid. - Bombay, India

I do not think any single movie has had a long lasting affect. Saving Private Ryan did shake me up quite a bit tho. - Harvard, NE USA

It did not happen. Not at all. No movie ever changed a single thing in my life. Glad about that, you know. Imagine a life that is lived under restriction of digital affection. I can't. However, wasn't it The Dude who. No. No nonsense. The Dude's a creep. Hail Hail rock 'n' roll. - Belgium

Private Ryan is the best war (anti-war?) film I have ever seen. The closest I ever want to come to actual combat, unless there is an unbearably good reason. - Santa Cruz, CA

Movies have helped me in times of stress. They help me to forget for the time being, and when reality sets back in, I am down on my stress level. - Ctr. Harbor, NH USA

A scary movies by dreams - Adelphi, Maryland

It takes me away from boredom that I sometimes suffer - Matawan, NJ USA

One night, my now fiancee and I were watching "As Good As It Gets"; that was the night when we fell in love with each other. Something in that movie made her realize that everything I had been doing up to that point was because I cared about her -- because I loved her. - Santa Maria, United States

"A Clockwork Orange", it made me think - Sydney, Australia

Motivated me to get involved in community services for juveniles. - Palmdale, CA USA

Too many to name.... - Ridgefield, CT

"Nashville" - Hong Kong

I became an addict. - Budapest, Hungary

So much, that I became a Film Critic. :) - Las Vegas, NV USA

Recreation release. - McPherson, KS USA

Helps me with my screenplay writing, with different creative ideas that can be helpful in my future writing/directing. I also search for interesting climax with good messages that can affected other people. - Akron, OH USA

"Dead Poets Society", done with admirable beauty and character, made me understand and appreciate my individuality and life. It's a completely inspirational movie with a major life lesson. - Seattle, USA

I just love to watch them! - USA

Deeply, many of it have open my perception to other things, it's cultural behavior, and culture is a reflexion of life. - Mexico DF, Mexico

Yeah right - Kansas

Movies don't really affect my life but I love to watch them and see how the actors do. - Plymouth, NH

The "Truman Show" was a burst of light in what I otherwise believed to be a perpetual self-love feast in the culture of film produciton-in the USA. Amazingly, a powerful self-critique, an honest meditation on the corrupting nature of the business, gained such a visible presence on the market. There may well be a conscience in Hollywood. Lets see if it multiplies.... "Armegeddon" is one that I knew would do well despite the naysaying critiques. Its message and theme was the issue, not the special effects. The believable story of family, love, overcoming obstacles, underdogs.... That made the film a winner at the box office. - Ft. Hood, TX USA

They provide an escape from the grind. I can enjoy almost anything as long as the plot is internally consistent. - Kennewick, USA

All movies in general have affected my life. They have inspired me to become a filmmaker myself. - Indianapolis, U.S.A

With "Lost Highway" of David Lynch - Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Not just one movie, but many. They have alternatly awed or inspired. Frightened or enlightened. Amazed or amused. I have many favorites from the classics the the classless. - Maryville, U.S.A

Brought out an emotion that had been suppressed - Ft Polk, USA

Instead of staying at home and watching Ally McBeal, I went to the cinema. Thats how! - Peterborough, England

The movie "Preacher's Wife" has made me look at more at the way I live my life. Before the movie, I was all into myself not worrying about other people trouble except my own and after I saw the movie, I do volunteer work and I now believe in angels. - Austin, Texas

Films, like no other form of expression evoke humor and/or serious thought, and watching them constantly throughout my life is my one healthty addiction. - Seattle, WA

Just seeing some of my favorite actors/actresses makes me feel good, 'cause generally speaking my life sucks. - Colorado Springs, CO

I have only recently become interested in movies other than those that are considered "mainstream." I am surfing around for the best spots to find information on other types of films. - Dunwoody, GA USA

Became a monk. Sort of. - Kaunas, Lithuania

Ummmm... "Pleasantville" was a life-changer for me. It made me look at the world in both black and white, and in color. I also thought of how life really was like back in the 50's ideal. - Vancouver, Canada

It's very good for me to watch the movie for getting along when I've nothing special to do - Dalian City, China

Er....well....I cried during "Titanic"! Was depressed for a week! - Dublin, Ireland

Going to the movies is a good release after a long work week. Also, it is a good opportunity to spend time with my wife and escape the rigors of our georgous daughter. - Brattleboro, VT USA

I'd say many movies affect my life in many ways. Some make think about issues I never really thought about, I've learned many things about cultures and things to that effect, and I've related to many movies. Some give me a reality check while others make me laugh. Nothing cheers me up better than a good laugh! Movies are true entertainment. - Hazleton, PA USA

Movies have influence in my work, my way of see things, my perception of humanity. My desire of in a near future: write, produce and direct one. - Sao Paulo, Brasil

Made me an academic - Sydney, Australia

Movies have allowed me to see things in a entirely different light. They also give me the motivation to continue pursuing my dream of being a actress. - Omaha, USA

Don't forget me, you'll hear about me and I'll tell you how a movie affected my life - Ankara, Turkey

I've been working on my own independent feature over the last 6 years. - St. Paul, MN, USA

A movie has helped me focus and uderstand the different paths of everyday people. - Winston-Salem, NC

It just gives me something to do out of the house - Jacksonville, FL

The movies have affected my life for years. First as entertainment, then through fascination and finally as a student of the entire process of producing and filming. - Houston USA

My life is still as a movie.I love the world of movies. The actors are very, very atractive and nice. I begin an actress and I get an Oscar. I hope so! Sorry,that I can't wrote so good English. I learn it not long. - Bremen (Germany)

I find a lot of good entertainment in the movies. I like movies that are family orientated. I enjoy the Disney productions for this reason. I also like the science fiction and fantasy movies. These movies give me great joy and relaxation. - Fallon, NV U.S.A.

When times get tough, I remember "Gone With The Wind". Scarlett always had tomorrow to worry about things, and usually, by tomorrow, either the problem had gotten better, or a solution appears. One must never give up. - San Juan Bautista, CA USA

Not much - Calcutta, India

Very much as like "Titanic" - Salem, India

"The Truman Show" convinced me that there is still a conscience in tinseltown. - Kileen, TX

"Patch Adams" gave me a new understanding of what a person in the medical profession should feel towards their patients, and the movie had a great deal of impact because I knew that it was based on a true story. - Spring Hill, Florida

I've never seen a movie that has affected my life, but "Schindler's List" has come pretty close because it shows what really went on during the holocaust - Fairchild AFB, WA USA

I am attracted to soo many young actresses :) - Cumberland, MD

After my screenplay - "Moon Maiden" - is produced, my life may be different. In the process, I've had to learn to be rejected by others and work with popcorn sellers. But the Earth will be a better place and the Moon saved for the future in an epic satire musical comedy/romance/sex/rescue/western/UFOs about kidnap and abandonment set on the Moon in the distant future. It's "funny" according to head of UCLA film/TV department. And it has plot, characters and dialogue. No car chase scene but good women's roles. - Mt. View, CA, USA

It has effected me by thinking there are more than a few ways to live life. - Yellowknife, Canada

"Saving Private Ryan" showed me that violence is not fun, it is accually scary - (no address given)

Movies have caused me to write screenplays, practice art, and have a good time. - Inglewood, USA

It is very entertaining, relaxing - India

Well , I love all of them. My favorite are the dramatic ones like "Steel Magnolias", and "Phenomenon". I want to be an actress/director, and I hopefully will achieve that soon! - Powell, USA

The movie "The Breakfast Club" really changed me because I always saw myself as a misfit and I always felt out of place. But when I saw that movie, I just knew that someone would be my friend no matter how weird I was. Now I'm the most popular girl in school! - Bronx, New York

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