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1997 Toronto Film Festival

"Artemisia" (by Jason Gorber)
"Artemisia" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Blackout" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Blackout" (by David Sterritt)
"Boogie Nights" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"The Chinese Box" (by Jason Gorber)
"Conceiving Ada" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Fast, Cheap & Out of Control" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Gattaca" (by Jason Gorber)
"I Married a Strange Person" (by Jason Gorber)
"In & Out" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Inside/Out" (by David Sterritt)
"Keep the Aspidistra Flying" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Kiss or Kill" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"L.A. Confidential" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"L.A. Confidential" (by David Sterritt)
"Life During Wartime" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo, sì mi ricordo" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Marius et Jeannette" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Nil by Mouth" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Orgazmo" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Post-coïtum, animal triste" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Sinnui Yauman (A Chinese Ghost Story)" (by Jason Gorber)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Jason Gorber)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Richard Schwartz)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"The Sweet Hereafter" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Sweet Hereafter" (by David Sterritt)
"Telling Lies in America" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Two Girls and a Guy" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Unagi (The Eel)" (by David Sterritt)
"Viagem ao princípio do mundo (Voyage to the Beginning of the World)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Viagem ao princípio do mundo (Voyage to the Beginning of the World)" (by David Sterritt)
"Western" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Year of the Horse" (by Karen Jaehne)

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