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Film Scouts Reviews
1996 Toronto Film Festival

"Bogus" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Caught" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Chacun cherche son chat (When the Cat's Away)" (by Liza Bear)
"Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Comment je me suis disputé... (ou ma vie sexuelle) (My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Grace of My Heart" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Illtown" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Irma Vep" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Kauas pilvet karkaavat (Drifting Clouds)" (by David Sterritt)
"Kissed" (by Liza Bear)
"The Leading Man" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Looking for Richard" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Lust and Revenge" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Microcosmos" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Quiet Room" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Quiet Room" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Schizopolis" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Schizopolis" (by David Sterritt)
"The Secret Agent" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Shine" (by Karen Jaehne)
"That Thing You Do" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Trees Lounge" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Trois vies et une seule mort" (by David Sterritt)
"Twelfth Night: Or What You Will" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Waiting for Guffman" (by Leslie Rigoulot)

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