Post-co´tum, animal triste

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

Review, by Kathleen Carroll

"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views, QuickTime:
"Low Tech" with Brigitte RoŘan (1.2mb)
"Universal Themes" with Brigitte RoŘan (1.6mb)
"Not A Comedy" with Brigitte RoŘan (1.4mb)

Diane loves her husband and her children dearly. She likes her job in small publishing house. She lives in Paris. She has been very lucky. Until the day she falls under Emilio's spell, a young hydrologist, " young, good-looking and just passing through " who works for a humanitarian organisation. She abandons everything and risks it all for love. She genuinely believes that a new chapter in her life is beginning.

Directed by: Brigitte RoŘan
Written by: Brigitte RoŘan, Jean-Louis Richard, Santiago Amigorena, Guy Zylberstein
Starring: Brigitte RoŘan, Franšoise Arnoul, Patrick Chesnais, Jean-Louis Richard, Nils Tavernier, Boris Terral
Produced by: Humbert Balsan
Original Music by: Michel Musseau, Umberto Tozzi

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