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Film Scouts Reviews
1998 Cannes Film Festival

"The Apostle" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Aprile (April)" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Aprile (April)" (by David Sterritt)
"Ceux qui m'aiment predront le train (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train)" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Claire Dolan" (by David Sterritt)
"La Classe de neige (The Class Trip)" (by David Sterritt)
"Dance Me to My Song" (by David Sterritt)
"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (by David Sterritt)
"The General" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Goodbye, Lover" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Goodbye, Lover" (by David Sterritt)
"Hai shan hua (Flowers of Shanghai)" (by David Sterritt)
"High Art" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"High Art" (by Richard Schwartz)
"High Art" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Idioterne (The Idiots)" (by David Sterritt)
"Illuminata" (by David Sterritt)
"The Impostors" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Kanzo sensei" (by David Sterritt)
"Larmar och gr sig till (In the Presence of a Clown)" (by David Sterritt)
"Lulu on the Bridge" (by David Sterritt)
"My Name Is Joe" (by David Sterritt)
"Slums of Beverly Hills" (by Thom Bennett)
"La Vie rve des anges (The Dreamlife of Angels)" (by David Sterritt)
"La Vita bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"La Vita bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by Jason Gorber)
"La Vita bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by David Sterritt)

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