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Hi, I'm Jerry (the usher). For a couple of years now, Film Scouts has been asking visitors to comment on the topic of how they have been affected by the movies, and we have received over a thousand responses. In honor of the last Cannes festival of this millenium, I'd like to encourage you to add your own thoughts to this steadily growing archive. I think it's really interesting and touching to read these letters; whether funny or sad, dramatic or trivial, they reflect the endlesss variety of personal experiences of a diverse global audience.

Here are the collected responses to date, in four parts:

"How has a movie affected your life: Part I (up to March 1997)
"How has a movie affected your life: Part II (up to August, 1997)
"How has a movie affected your life: Part III (up to June 1998)
"How has a movie affected your life: Part IV (up to April, 1999)


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How has a movie affected your life?

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