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Part I (March, 1997)

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They allow me to go to places I have never been before. They also allow me to imagine myself being anything I want. - Camden, AZ

Sometimes, I could think of my life more seriously. Sometimes, I could take my life more easily. In many ways they - lots of great movies - have helped me. - Sapporo, Japan

I'M ADDICTED! I can't get enough of a good movie! At the moment, I am looking into film schools and such. I am just about to finish my first script about Calvin and Hobbes the old comic written by Bill Watterson. - Burlington, WA

The movies in my film class have had a strong inpact on how I look at things. - La Jolla, CA

Movies are really fantasy; most people have Heroes and are movie star fans because they live out their dreams. Has any one thought of making a movie where Martians are not as smart as humans, or does Mr. Fox Mulder ever find "the truth" (we all know "it's out there"). Don't you think it's time Steele and Holt made a commitment ...a serious one. Maybe we can "solve a problem like Maria." But you know what: if any of those things happened, I'd stop going to the MOVIES. - Bangalore,India

Some of the newer movies have strong female roles... where we are not just in them to look at but we have a purpose in life also - and no, I am not a feminist! - Rockford, IL

After you watch a good movie you go home with an excited feeling. - Payette, USA

Although it was based on a novel, "Sophie's Choice" brought me to tears and made me realize exactly what film could do to move, educate and enlighten people. My girlfriend at the time thought I was nuts, but I've spent the intervening years learning to write well, and I'm starting on my first feature. - Chapel Hill, NC

"Once Were Warriors", though a difficult movie to watch, made me begin to fall in love with someone for the way he reacted to the violence. - Austin, TX

It is my way of relaxing. - Denton, TX

The first time I saw "Dead Poets Society", I wanted to run out and change the world. That movie made me realize just how extrodinary people really are, and that nothing is insignificant. The little things do count. Have an extrodinary day!! :) - Watsontown, U.S.A.

"Psycho" soured me on films with psychotic killers. "Miracle on 34th Street" always renews my faith in the possibilities of belief. New films are clearly better made than old ones from the '40s and '50s, but the convention of suspending our disbelief has become obsolete in the era of explicit nudity and offensive, Anglo-Saxon expletives. - Kearney, NE

When I watch movies, I forget everything that makes me strained. - Osaka, Japan

Wenders lured me to Berlin (before the wall fell); Wiseman got me into journalism. - Washington, DC

Watching movies has given me an insight into others peolpes lives and made me look with more distance at myself. - Sweden

I left a crummy relationship because of a movie I saw. I am picking fewer violent films to see today. I feel the aftershocks from the mindless stuff. I'm like Woody Allen in that I want everything to be just as it was in the theatre when I walk outside. People dancing, singing in the streets, that sort of thing. "Singing in the Rain" is still one of my favorites. It was the first tape I bought. I wanted to be in film when I saw it as a kid. Went into advertising instead. Make mini-movies (30 second TV spots). Heard about on NPR this morning. Review of the Larry Flynt film (one I won't see). Thanks for your efforts. - Omaha, NE

When I was kid I loved the movies sooooo much. Now I am a filmmaker. I have a goal; to make movies that affect peoples lives in a positive way. I am a member of IFP Midwest and write for their newsletter. I am currently in pre-pro for a short film that shoots in the Spring. - Chicago, Il

Movies can take you into the vision of another or other worlds entirely, and outside of own smallness. Some movies keep me believing in the best of things. I love it when I laugh or cry with a film... which is often. Movies are a risk-free way to take life in... if only for a couple of hours. - San Francisco, CA

Going to the movies sometimes makes me feel like I have a life. - New York, NY

Movies have affected my life much as any good story does, they draw me into something that is outside me but at the same time deep within me; often locked up and hidden until the forces of the visual and the aural combine to hypnotize, free and inspire me and I am changed in the twinkling of an eye. - Providence, RI

"Romeo and Juliet" showed me that love can really be "true" and that you can get really messed up if you fall to far. I understood all of the sacrifices that they both put forward but taking your life can't be the answer. I loved the movie. but I wish they could remake it one more time to where Romeo and Juliet can be together "alive" - not everything has to be so sad and depressing! - Florida, USA

I saw that one in high school about driving drunk, and how you get all bloody and gross. I decided to smoke pot instead of drink, after seeing that. Best decision of my life. That's how a movie affected my life. Proud of it, too. - Los Angeles, USA

They have allowed me to experience life vicariously. - Singapore

Back in high school, I saw "Two for the Road" for the first time on TV. I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and the movie. - Montclair, NJ

Cinema is the most complete art of the world. - Campo Grande, Brazil

I just like to get 'carried away'. If it doesn't have that magical thing that you get lost in I feel cheated. - Nashville, TN

Viewing a movie does not necessarily affect my life, although there are some movies that do open my mind to the different lifestyles and struggles that some people have gone through. - Savannah, GA

"Up Close and Personal" taught us to show everyone how much we love them because we never know when they will leave us. "One Fine Day" taught us that things will get bad, but you can always handle them. - Birmingham, AL

No.- Cincinnati, OH

It is so cool watching them and it would be good if we could watch movies on the computer. - Wellington, New Zealand

Movies in general have affected my life; they bring new perspective and greater knowledge and understanding of people (as well as simply being damned entertaining!) - Porto, Portugal

Me ha gustado mucho. - Palma de Mallorca

Movies never really affect me in any way. - Toronto, Canada

i've felt connected to the human experience in a much more universal sense than my everyday activity inspires. - Portland, OR

Introduced me to magic and wonder. In 1947 as a five-year-old in Mexico City, an aunt took me to see La Belle et la Bete. I still remember the surprise and delight of seeing the "live" sconces follow the passage in the hall of Belle and Bete. Absolutely wonderful. - Oakland, CA

"Rebel w/o a Cause" changed my posture, my attitude, I mean the way I stood in the world. - Casa Grande, AZ

Movies can change my moods - help me "get away" - give me a new perspective on all kinds of subjects - and making or writing movies make anything possible for me - If I can dream it, I can actualize it. - Los Angeles, CA

I am a grip in the film industry and I work for television often. I am a filmmaker by trade so I enjoy the movies very much. - USA

Free Willy, The Sandlot, It Takes Two, The Lion King, and Angels in the Outfield all tought me that if I belive in something enough that it can be accomplished. Pocahontas taught me that in order for something to happen you have to first start the thing (to make the ripples someone must first touch the water). - USA

Movies have had a constant effect on my life, but maybe the single most important movie memory was renting a worn 16mm print of Metropolis from my hometown public library and watching it on the wall of my parent's basement. It was a true revelation, movies bacame so much more than Hollywood product at that moment.Today I am programmer for The Chicago Underground Film Festival. That experience and the first time I heard the Velvet Underground probably had more to do with who I am than any other experience. - Chicago, IL

I am an actor.- Madras (Chennai), India

I have been affected by many movies, so much, that I've seen the same movies up to a dozen times or more. I learn things about myself which help me grow. I was most affected by Dead Man Walking because I had lived a life of service somewhat like Sister. - Bath, USA

I simply love films. - Washington, DC

"Brazil" was the first film that truly combined the horror of technocractic mundacity with the hope of irreverent comic revolution which created a vision of how I can best cope withthe complex world of moronic bipeds. Am I tired of my "ducts?" YOU BET!!! - Hatfield, MA

The classic older ones with people like Bogie, Flynn, Monroe, etc., were the kind that kept ya in your seat; you could identify easily with characters, they were more life-like. Havre, MT

After "Blade Runner" I have seen few movies: "Until the End of the World", "Akira", Orson's movies... the others are only garbage. - Parma, Italy

Sometimes I was induced by a film character to become more romantic, because I love romantic films. - Medan, Indonesia

Well, the movie "Clerks" has effected me in a weird sort of way. I never thought that working in a convenience store could offer so much pleasure. If you havn't seen "Clerks" it's one of the best low-budget films on the market, and should be watched immediately. - Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

I'm not sure that any one particular movie has affected my life. I do know this: I'm going to be studying film at York next year (or so I hope) and I'm going crazy trying to put a portfolio together. - Mississauga, Canada

Well I've worked on a few and that has meant being able to pay the rent! Fave movies include "South Pacific", "Inserts", "A Wedding", "The Right Stuff", and "Get Shorty". Fave actor Ed Harris. Fave actress Juliette Binoche. - Melbourne, Australia

Films show the realities of life and give the viewer an idea of what is really going on in this world. - Statesboro, USA

Not all the movies affect me but sometimes they make me think a lot. - Mar del Plata, Argentina

Films have affected my life intellectualy. I'm learning a lot of things. I'm thinking: why don't the animals go to the movies? - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is the first that comes to mind. Growing up as an only child, I tend to think of, and worry about things too much. Therefore, it was a wonderful experience for me to just see someone who was relaxing, having fun, and bringing their depressed friend along for the ride. Since seeing it, I have become much easier with just letting things go, not overdwelling on concerns, and taking each day as it comes, a wonderful new chance for happiness, fun, and contentment. Sort of like movies; if you don't like this one, go to another tomorrow, and chances are you will have fun. By the way, I've been reviewing movies for my radio show as well as some newspaper reviews for 21 years now. - Portland, ME

OK. First of all excuse my (bad!) English. I'm only 19 years old but I can assure you I'm a complete and informed movie-lover. My father is also, so that I grew up with Bogart, Bergman, Von Sydow, Mankievitz (is it written like this? I always write it down in a wrong way!), Curtiz, Hitchcock (Ooops!), Peck, Stewart, Dean, Monroe, Lemon n' Curtis, etc. etc. etc.... - Barcelona, Spain

No. - Ft. Wayne, USA

As a movie buff, I am always affected by movies! - Saskatoon, Canada

They make my life a little bit magical. - Zagreb, Croatia

We very hope know new films every month. - Chongqing, China

"Fargo" blew my mind....but I'm a "Yooper" so you have to understand.....and "The Piano" was amazing....I thought "Breaking Waves" was the worst film I have ever seen besides "Health" which will remain a non-film actually. - Marquette MI

Movies affect everything about how you view things. - Lakeside, CA

I'm a writer. - Bradenton, Florida

Many kinds of ways. - Caracas, Venezuela

Movies such as "Z", "Land and Freedom" and "Accidental Tourist" help to make life worth living. - Glasgow, Scotland

Movies have affected my life enormously. - Lahore, Pakistan

They haven't, except to make idle time much more enjoyable. - Plattsburgh, NY

Raging bull and Do The Right Thing ruined my life! They made me become a director! - USA

I enjoy movies a lot. Seeing the English Patient made me want to travel and have adventures. - Anchorage, Alaska

Escape, exposure, experience, adventure, distraction and more. - Sunnyvale, CA

You can travel the world in a flash of a second and never board a plane. Stories so real that you forget that there are a hundred other people living it with you in the theatre. A good movie will make you feel the emotion; the pain, the love, and everything in between. Moreover it will allow you to open your mind and consider possibilities that you have not thought of - maybe because your life is so busy or perhaps because you haven't seen it from that viewpoint before. Whatever the case, a movie can add life to life. - Lafayette, LA

All movies affect my life. Good movies affect it by changing my mind on a subject or helping me see something in a new way. Bad movies, especially Hollywood bombs remind me what a sad, commercialistic world I live in. - Seattle, WA

It depends on the movie. I have watched many. Some make me more educated, more aware, more nervous. - Tacoma, WA

Traqué sur Internet with Jane Fonda - Cavaillon, France

In a good, bad kind of way. - USA

Make me feel, sadness, happiness, laughter & love... - Brooklyn, NY

Movies have inspired me to persue a carrer in filmmaking, or acting. - Raleigh, NC

In what way? Some make me cry, some make me crazy !!! - Hurndon, VA

Loved Evita. Have been playing the CD of the score, and reading biographies of Eva Peron and Juan Peron. Have downloaded the lyrics on the Net. - San Leandro, CA

Affected my life: Never, its entertainment. - New Orleans, LA

Gives enjoyment and excitement,also enlightens a person's mind to what could be. - USA

So far, no single movie has had a particularly earth-shattering, epiphanic effect on my life. While many movies serve to educate me, inspire me, and/or raise my awareness regarding certain matters, I couldn't really single any out as having any truly significant effect on my life. However, movies have had a profound cumulative effect on my life, since I often discuss them with other people, they affect my moods (during & after), I often quote lines from them, share inside jokes with others regarding movies, etc. Perhaps most importantly, they're good for dates & friendly outings. - New York, NY

I go and watch movies all the time, and I really enjoy watching all of them. I want to be a part of the team. If you can help me find a agent I would really appreciate it. I really would like to put some more joy in people's lives buy being in a movie and be a good role model for other people. - West Valley City, USA

"The English Patient" made me swear off going to the beach. Your trailer for "Jungle 2 Jungle" is really "Bogus" ... really. - Claremont, USA

Just for fun. - Egypt

Only the films with Andie MacDowell affect me. - Torino, Italy

Many movies have affected my life, but one I cn recall is "Seven" with Brad Pitt. This movie really made me think about the world we live in. Most movies I see I leave the movie theater and never really think about the movie because it was just entertainment, but "Seven" really made me analyze things in this world. - Notre Dame, IN

I'm happy. - Bangkok, Thailand

Combining potentially exceptional visuals with audio, music & (often) narrative, I think film is the single greatest art form. Films are my favorite diversion, and often affect my psyche and sense of aesthetic fulfillment quite deeply. - Denver, CO

Well,I am studying to become a filmmaker. - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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