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May 25

Henri Béhar has sent more diaries and interviews (Claudia Schiffer, Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, et al.)


The festival may be over, but we're still sorting through everything here. The projectionist can now show you interviews with actress Traci Lind and writer/producer Nicholas Klein of "The End of Violence."

May 18

Richie Schwartz and Cari Beauchamp have both checked in with their final diary reports as the clean-up crews move in on the Croisette.

The Projectionist now has some clips of Wim Wenders, director of "The End of Violence."

You can now see the full listing of Awards from this year's festival.

Under Buzz, you can now find Henri Behar's transcription of the "She's So Lovely" Press Conference.

Jerry (the usher) also has a couple of new Diaries, telling of his adventures in Cannes.

May 17

Richie Schwartz's latest diary reports are in, talking about trying to meet a woman and predicting tomorrow's awards.

Lisa Nesselson has checked in with a diary report on her latest impressions of Cannes, as well as buzz reports on rescreening the competition films, the loss of a Cannes Intstitution, and Cellular Phones in Cannes. She has also submitted reviews of "Happy Together" and "The Fifth Element."

The Projectionist can now show you some clips of the Film Scouts interviews with Sigourney Weaver (of "The Ice Storm") and Alain Berliner.

May 16

There are also new diary reports from Henri Béhar and Jim Byerley. Richie Schwartz has also sent in some diaries as well as a review of "Western." Cari Beauchamp has also sent in a review of "L.A. Confidential."

We now have Lisa Nesselson's report on Sunday evening's Birthday Festivities.

David Sterritt has checked in with some reviews of "Histoire(s) du Cinema," "The Brave," "The Eel," "Kini & Adams," and "Viagem ao Principo do Mundo."

You can now also view some footage of opening night on VDO.

There are now some M.L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views along with some clips from "The End of Violence" available from the Projectionist.

May 15

Cari Beauchamp has checked in with a report on the state of the films in competition, as well as reviews of "The Well" and "The Sweet Hereafter."

The projectionist now has slides of opening night.

David Sterritt gave us his take on the festival so far, along with reviews of "Funny Games," "The Sweet Hereafter," and "L.A. Confidential."

Richie Schwartz caught up with actor John Turturro of "La Tregua" for an interview.

There are now a bunch more Quicktime movies of footage from Cannes. You can also view unedited footage on Vosaic.

You can also now view some videos on VDO.

May 14

Cari Beauchamp has reviewed "The Ice Storm."

Richie Schwartz has compiled a list of What People Are Saying About Cannes.

May 13

Richie Schwartz has checked in again, this time he's been attending a seminar at the American Pavilion, and getting delusions of grandeur. Don't worry though, he was cured.

We now have information online about the Un Certain Regard films.

May 12

Some video from Cannes is now online as Quicktime, including shots of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore.

Lisa Nesselson again gave us some perspective on Ingmar Bergman, recipient of the Palme des Palmes' d'Or. While Riche Schwartz is tracking Gen X's progress into the festival ranks.

We also heard from Jerry (the usher) again.

May 11

Lisa Nesselson's Diary remembers Italian Filmmaker Marco Ferreri, while Cari Beauchamp was confusing Johnny Depp with Gary Oldman, after seeing "The Brave."

Meanwhile, Richie Schwartz was hanging out at the American Pavilion, while Jerry (the usher) checked in after disappearing for a while.

Lisa Nesselson also started her campaign for better working conditions for film critics.

May 10

David Sterritt has just submitted a diary report, as well as reviews of "The Blackout" "Inside/Out," "Marius et Jeannette," and "The Prince of Homburg."

May 9

Richie Schwartz has checked in with another diary report, on the whereabouts of Charlie Sheen, as well as a review of "Ghosts."

Lisa Nesselson has also checked in with a review of "Blackout."

May 8

We now have information about each of the Features in Competition and Special Screenings.

There are also new diary reports from Cari Beauchamp and Jim Byerley, as well as reviews of "Nil by Mouth" and "The Fifth Element."

May 7

The diary reports have started rolling in. Cari Beauchamp, Lisa Nesselson, and Richie Schwartz have all checked in with their first reports, and Jim Byerley has sent in his first restaurant review.

Cari Beauchamp has also provided a Capsule History of the Cannes Film Festival.


The official lists of Jury Members and Films are up. There's also a list of expected guests.

Lisa Nesselson has checked in with a pre-festival diary report on the state of affairs going into the event.

In case you need help preparing for the festival, Henri Béhar has written a guide to the cryptic phrases that filmmakers use in Cannes.

In Projection, we have slides, more slides and even mores slides of the city of Cannes.

Also in Projection, some M.L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" videos of stars telling of their favorite Cannes Memories.

Updated for 1997, The Film Scouts Guide to Cannes, complete with a list of hotels, and Jim Byerley on eating in Cannes.

The official Festival Buzz is availible.

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