Film Scouts On The Riviera 1997
Film Scouts On The Riviera 1997 Real Time Broadcast Guide

In order to provide the widest accessibility to this year's coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, Film Scouts will be broadcasting original video content over several "channels" over the course of the festival. Broadcasts will be originating from both Europe and North America at all hours of the day as follows:

Channel 1: Film Scouts on Vosaic - Continuous throughout the Festival from Urbana, Illinois.

Channel 3: Film Scouts on the MBone from Bellcore - 1 hour daily at 5 p.m. Eastern US / 11 p.m. Central Europe from Morristown, New Jersey.

Channel 4: Film Scouts' CannesCast 1997 on the MBone from INRIA - 1 hour daily at 11a.m. Eastern US / 5 p.m. Central Europe from Cannes.

Channel 5: M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views and Videos in Quicktime - Video On Demand from New York.

Channel 6: Film Scouts on VDO - Video On Demand from Palo Alto, California is no longer online.

Channel 7: Film Scouts' Cannes 1996 Video in Quicktime - Video On Demand from New York.

Having trouble deciding which format is best for you? Call the Usher and he can help you figure out what you need in order to view the various channels.

Also part of the ongoing live coverage will be several alternate venues:

Film Scouts on Yahoo! - A New Yorker's view of the Festival

Film Scouts on Firefly - Our virtual community, with chats hosted live from Cannes

Film Scouts on America Online's Critic's Choice - Keyword: Film Scouts

All coverage will continue throughout the month of May.

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