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I have some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views in QuickTime format:
"Jury Photo Shoot" (0.8mb)
"Introductions" with the cast of "Breaking the Waves" (1.3mb)
"Kansas City" with Robert Altman on "Kansas City" (0.5mb)
"Assembling a Band" with Robert Altman on "Kansas City" (1.8mb)
"Casting" with Robert Altman on "Kansas City" (1.3mb)
"Cameras and Souls" with Rosanna Arquette on "Crash" (0.9mb)
"Cannes Is..." with Rosanna Arquette on "Crash" (1.0mb)
"Identify Yourself" with Rosanna Arquette on "Crash" (1.1mb)
"Beauty & Poetry" with Bernardo Bertolucci on "Stealing Beauty" (1.6mb)
"Hello from Cannes" with Bernardo Bertolucci on "Stealing Beauty" (1.0mb)
"On Mike Leigh" with Katrin Cartlidge on "Secrets & Lies" (1.3mb)
"Virtual Cannes" with David Cronenberg on "Crash" (1.3mb)
"On Filmmaking" with David Cronenberg on "Crash" (1.0mb)
"Crash at Cannes" with David Cronenberg on "Crash" (1.1mb)
"Hi Guys" with Olivier Gruner (1.4mb)
"Street Fighting" with Olivier Gruner (1.4mb)
"Mercenary" with Olivier Gruner (1.0mb)
"Independent Film" with Dustin Hoffman (1.0mb)
"Bad Guys" with Dennis Hopper on "Cannes Man" (0.8mb)
"Silver Street" with Martin Landau (1.6mb)
"It's Fun" with Jennifer Jason Leigh on "Kansas City" (1.2mb)
"What We Are" with Mike Leigh on "Secrets & Lies" (0.9mb)
"Quality Control" with Mike Leigh on "Secrets & Lies" (2.3mb)
"See My Film!" with Mike Leigh on "Secrets & Lies" (1.1mb)
"Spanish Civil War" with Kenneth Loach on "Tierra y libertad" ("Land and Freedom") (1.6mb)
"No Ego" with Michael Maloney on "Looking for Richard" (1.8mb)
"Marge" with Frances McDormand on "Fargo" (1.2mb)
"Fargo: The Series?" with Frances McDormand on "Fargo" (0.6mb)
"I Shot Andy" with Jeremiah Newton on "I Shot Andy Warhol" (0.8mb)
"Step at a Time" with Al Pacino on "Looking for Richard" (0.6mb)
"Introduction" with Stellan Skarsgård on "Breaking the Waves" (0.7mb)
"Contradictions" with Stellan Skarsgård on "Breaking the Waves" (1.2mb)
"Democratic Hello" with Stellan Skarsgård on "Breaking the Waves" (0.8mb)
"I'm James Spader" with James Spader on "Crash" (0.7mb)
"Virtual Sex" with James Spader on "Crash" (1.1mb)
"Talkin' Crash" with James Spader on "Crash" (1.4mb)
"Whom to Say Hi To:" with Liv Tyler on "Stealing Beauty" (1.0mb)
"A Normal Person" with Liv Tyler on "Stealing Beauty" (1.1mb)
"Glamour Girl" with Liv Tyler on "Stealing Beauty" (0.5mb)
"Boredom" with Emily Watson on "Breaking the Waves" (0.7mb)

I've also got these slides:
"Nanguo zaijan, nanguo (Goodbye South, Goodbye)"
"Comment je me suis disputé... (ou ma vie sexuelle) (My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument)"
"Irma Vep"
"Love Serenade"
More Slides
"Feng Yue (Temptress Moon)"
"Tierra y libertad (Land and Freedom)"
More Slides
Even More Slides
Yet More Slides
I've also got some clips from some of the films featured at the festival:
The trailer as QuickTime (7.1mb).

The trailer as QuickTime (6.9mb).

"Secrets & Lies"
The trailer as QuickTime (6.9mb).

"Tierra y libertad (Land and Freedom)"
The trailer as QuickTime (7.6mb).

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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