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2004 Taormina BNL Filmfest Diaries
Terminating Taormina

by Philipp Hoschka

Taormina, June 20, 2004 - Last day, last cinema lesson, today with Michael Douglas, in which he talks about a lot of things, including the state of American cinema (bad), politics (important), his family (they get along great), and with whom Kathleen Turner, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, and Annette Bening did their best movies (with Douglas).

Overall, the cinema lessons were the highlight of this year's festival, and if all goes well, they will have an even more important role next year, according to the festival's director, Felice Laudadio. Another improvement is that the traditional "siesta break" in the middle of the day has been eliminated this year - now, there is programming all through the day. The addition of a "critics prize" award to the festival program also was a positive, although one would have wished stronger entries in the competition.

Given all those improvements, we can hopefully look forward to another 50 years of Film Festivals in Taormina.

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