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2004 Taormina BNL Filmfest Diaries
Geek and Greek Theatre

by Philipp Hoschka

Taormina, June 18, 2004 - This morning's cinema lesson entitled "Hypothesis for a Study in Film and Audiovisual Language" was about as geeky as it sounds. In all the glamour and lightheartedness of Taormina, one often forgets that there are lot of serious people in this business. Some of them were on the podium today, talking about "matrixes of the forms of communication" or "the role of sound in image and its span and autonomy in creative conception". This certainly fit the concept of lecture as known from university, but was overall a lot less interesting than Peter Weir's lecture on his "pragmatic poetic" approach to filmmaking.

Tonight's Greek theatre screening was "Starsky & Hutch", a decidedly non-serious movie based on the 70's TV detective series, starring Ben Stiller as Starsky and Owen Wilson as Hutch. Director Todd Philips lovingly recreated many fashion and style details of the 70's - special attention was given to the detective's car, the red Ford Gran Torino.

However, all this effort seems a bit exaggerated for a movie in the tradition of modern-day comedies such as "American Pie" or "Dumb and Dumber", where jokes at all levels of crudity are permitted - and "Starsky and Hutch" does not quite live up to the "standards" set by those other comedies. The movie has a few good laughs, however - a scene involving a pony almost reaches the same degree of "is-it-really-ok-to-laugh-about-this?" guilt as the dog scene in "Something about Mary".

Leaving the Greek theatre for a last cup of cappuccino in one of Taormina's street cafes, we were betting on what 70's TV series would be next to be turned into a movie. Rockford? Love Boat? Or would there be sequels to "Starsky&Hutch"? In the end, we agreed that given the way things are going with Hollywood remakes, we will most likely see "Starsky & Hutch meet Charlie's Angels" in the near future.

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