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1998 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
I Think I Cannes #4

by Jerry (the usher)

I'm still furious about Mr. Bigdeal's small deal with me, but he called me up and apologized and said that he had something important to discuss. We met at a café near the Palais. First he asks me if I have my Hi-8 camera with me, which of course I do, so then he asks me how'd I like to make a "little documentary film."

Well, this is interesting, I'm thinking, is this on spec or is there money, what's the subject matter, why Hi-8, etc.

But before I have a chance to say anything, he continues: "There's a guy, he's staying at the Carlton. Here's his picture."

I get it. Have shotgun mike, will travel. A divorce case or whatever. Oh boy, so that's what he really does - yeah, right, documentaries.

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