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1997 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Pre-Festival: Culture in Peril as Cannes Approaches?

by Lisa Nesselson

May 3 -- French Minister of Culture Philippe Douste-Blase, who is also Mayor of Lourdes, was stabbed in the City of Miracles yesterday by some twisted soul (or an armed editorialist who thinks the government spends entirely too much on the Cannes Film Fest......), but will recover.

The Minister's assailant turned out to be an Albanian in his early thirties who had already tried to stab Mr. Douste-Blazy in 1992, allegedly because he had not been able to obtain seats to a show he wanted to attend.

Well, that explains right there why the United States doesn't have a Minister of Culture. Can you imagine the on-going threat to his or her well-being the intermittent scarcity of reasonably priced tickets to hit Broadway shows would represent? Why, such a minister would have to be on guard constantly for a low blow administered by a disgruntled tourist from Terre Haute.

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