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1997 Cannes Film Festival Diaries

Cari Beauchamp

Pre-Festival: A Capsule History of Cannes
Opening day before Opening Night
Day 2: Let The Games Begin
Day 3: Johnny Depp as Gary Oldman
Day 9: Films in Competition
Day 11: The Palme D'Or Awards

Henri Béhar

Day 1: Something's Different...
Day 2: And the Films Began...
Day 3: What's Wrong With This Picture?
Day 4: A suspended moment
Day 5: A Day Off?
Day 6: Scatterbrained
Day 7: Disneyland by Dante
Day 7 (later): Suddenly Speeding Up
Day 8: I Remember
Day 9: Too Much
Day 10: Taste of Cherry
Day 11: Tired Bodyguards
Day 12 (conclusion): Back to Reality

Jim Byerley

Dining in Cannes: Bistro de Mougins
Dining in Cannes: Villa des Lys at the Majestic Hotel
Dining in Cannes: Restaurant Bacon
Dining in Cannes: The Less Expensive Alternatives

Jerry (the usher)

Cannes-Scan #1
Cannes-Scan #2
Cannes-Scan #3
Cannes-Scan #4
Cannes-Scan #5
Cannes-Scan #6
Cannes-Scan #7

Lisa Nesselson

Pre-Festival: Culture in Peril as Cannes Approaches?
Diary #1: On the TGV en Route to Cannes
Diary #2: Im Memory of Marco Ferreri
Diary #3: Palor 1, Vitamin D 0
Diary #4: Honoring Ingmar Bergman
Diary #5: Happy Birthday Cannes
Diary #6: Cinematic Overload
Diary #7: Fully Baked Film?

Richard Schwartz

Day 1: Cold on the Croisette
Day 2: Charles in Charge
Day 3: Bumming in the American Pavilion
Day 4: Spice Girls Storm the Beach
Day 5: Decrying the Faults of American Cinema
Day 6: Howard, Geena, Renny and Me
Day 7: Old Faces At The Market
Day 8: What Happened to Howard Stern?
Day 9: Robin Williams's Announcement
Day 10: Looking for Love in Cannes
Day 11: Handicapping the Players
Day 12: This One's in the Cannes

David Sterritt

May 9: Too Much Hype?
May 15: Getting to the Good Part

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