Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

2000 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
A Study in Facelifts

by Cari Beauchamp

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That was the highlight of the Cure by the Shore on Wednesday night. Well, alright, QVC and a collection of sponsors created a huge tent in the middle of the park in the old port to promote cancer awareness in a star studded atmosphere, pretty good food and plenty of bars in an area where there was actually room to walk. All this should of course be applauded and was, but still, the highlight was the study in facelifts.

There, standing together under very bright lights, were Linda Evans, Ivana Trump and Joan Rivers. What a sight to behold. Linda Evans always did have beautiful cheekbones and still does while the implants and lips are a bit much, she still has her eyes. Ivana on the other hand already has the deer in the headlights look that comes from the fact her eyeballs are now completely surrounded by the whites. No matter what her expression, she has that look of surprise. And while the diamonds were sparkling, her over tanned body was showing more than signs of age that she appeared so desperate to hide.

In stark contrast because she has nothing to hide was Joan Rivers, laughing at herself before anyone else could. Her face is pulled tight as a drum, but she can still smile and her hair was swept up into a French roll as if to announce, go ahead and look no hair will ever grow again below the side of her ears a series of tucks have assured that. In stiletto heels and a dress with a high slit she paraded her stuff proudly holding hands with her daughter Melissa who looks like she has already started down the same road with a lip job. They were there to be seen not to see and left shortly after circling the area with dozens of photographers surrounding their every step. Ahhh Cannes.

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