Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

2000 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Fly Girl - Day 3

by M. L. Riesman

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I sometimes have a need to eat at odd hours, low blood sugar or whatever, otherwise I go faint. At times this has lead to amusing situations. When it gets really bad I have had to go to an emergency room - (name drop alert) Kevin Spacey took me once (end name drop). Last night about midnight was one of those times No mini-bar in the hotel, the local tabac was closed, so Film Scouts editor Emmett Gray and I went to the train station. Well, like Alice in Wonderland we fell through the looking glass - I thought at first I had landed in a Wim Wenders film. The place we found was called "Chick Kebab" and the specialty was a chicken gyro. The place was tucked under the ramp of a parking garage attached to a gas station and was a cross-section of denizens of the real Cannes. There was an Elvis look-alike at one table, some kids with lots of piercings, a character of questionable gender in a very tight and short skirt, and a few lounging gentlemen of Arabic descent. Then a set of gorgeous young dark-skinned bleached-blond male twins walked in, dressed casually nattily in similar tie-less suits, and it started to seem more like a David Lynch movie. All I needed was my DV cam and I would have been ready to shoot a Miramax feature. By the way, my sandwich was really great, with a delicious creamy white sauce, tasty crisped thin flatbread, the right amount of greens, tomatoes, herbs - in fact, one of the best meals I have ever had in Cannes.

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