Secrets & Lies

Interview with Mike Leigh, by Karen Jaehne

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Review, by Karen Jaehne

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After the death of her adoptive mother, Hortense, a young black 27 year-old woman, decides to find her real mother. She is surprised, when they finally meet, to find that her mother, Cynthia, is white and has a 20 year-old daughter. At first Cynthia is distraught at seeing the daughter she had forgotten about a long time ago, and then proceeds to foster a deep relationship with her. Cynthia is then put to the task of making her family accept the fact that she has a black daughter...

"'Secrets and lies' is about roots and identity, the ever-changing images we all have of ourselves and each other, and our compulsive need to reaffirm constantly who and what we are, and where we come from. It is also a tale of love and caring and deep longings and of the awesome relentlessness of the passage of time." - Mike Leigh

Directed by: Mike Leigh
Written by: Mike Leigh
Starring: Brenda Blethyn, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan, Claire Rushbrook, Elizabeth Berrington, Michele Austin, Lee Ross
Produced by: Simon Channing-Williams
Original Music by: Andrew Dickson

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