Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000
Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000
Broadcast Guide

Each year Film Scouts pioneers technical innovations which complement its coverage of the Festival. Film Scouts was the first site to send out professional made-for-the-Web video over the Internet - on the mBONE - during its 1995 Cannes coverage. This year, Film Scouts will maximize the possibilities of the Internet as a convergence medium for journalists by pioneering wireless-based coverage of the 2000 Festival. With roaming Internet access and communications tools, Film Scouts' reporters will be able communicate with each other, instantly file stories, and build daily streamed and text coverage from wherever they are at the Festival

Film Scouts endeavors to set the programming and technical standards for Web broadcasting. Combining its historical expertise in covering the Cannes Film Festival with innovative new features, Film Scouts is proud to offer another year of exclusive made-for-the-web presentations.

Channel 1: FilmScouts on Broadband - Dailies put up at Midnight GMT (from our Hollywood video-central base station).

Channel 2: FilmScouts on not-so-Broadband - Video On Demand (from our Hollywood video-central base station).

Channel 3: FilmScouts Live Submissions - See the scouts' stories as they're submitted direct from the beaches of Cannes.

Channel 4: Best of FilmScouts at Cannes - See the best stories and film clips from past Cannes festivals.

Coverage will continue throughout the month of May with a special broadband (via Satellite) retrospective appearing in September.

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