Artificial (Un)Intelligence: The Film Scouts Shrink Language Workshop
Special Therapeutic Program for Cannes Festival Participants

Acknowledging that many festival attendees will be away from their analysts for 10 days (i.e., 6 to 20 sessions), we felt that the following could be helpful as a 'transitional object', and help those in crisis to cope with the unique stressors of Cannes. The phrases in question, moreover, are quite generalized and may be appropriate for any situation involving absence from one's habitual environment. A glossary is provided for several standard expressions, to aid in interpretation; this may prove useful to anyone wishing a deeper understanding of therapeutic vocabulary. The workshop can be effective in two modes:

1. In "Recollective" mode, you can recall the many times your own shrink uttered these or similar comments, and then use either the surface (supportive) or deep (critical) translations to obtain the necessary psychological impact. Clicking a linked phrase will play an audio clip of the phrase, recited by a mental health professional in soothing tones.

2. In "Ouija" mode, you can let your mouse wander across the screen (we recommend eyes closed, reclining), and when you feel the urge, click on one of the "Intervention Hotspots" (i.e., linked phrases), which will activate and play for you an audio clip of the most appropriate expression.

(L) Literal Shrink Expression
(S) Surface Translation
(D) Deep Translation

1.L. "Mmm-hm..." (with descending intonation on the second syllable).
1.S. I understand and am interested in what you are saying; please continue.
1.D. I understand what you are saying; are you going to make a point some time soon?

2.L. "Ahh-huh..." (with rising intonation on the second syllable).
2.S. I'm slightly surprised by what you just said, and want to know more about that.
2.D. I think you may be losing your grip on reality

3.L. "Can you tell me more about that?"
3.S. I'm highly interested in understanding you better.
3.D. You seem off base so far; let's give you more rope and see whether you start pulling it together or really go off the deep end.

4.L. "That seems like it was a very upsetting experience for you..."
4.S. I'm here to support you, you should feel comfortable to open up with me.
4.D. Geez, I've known 6 year olds that could tolerate the tribulations of life better than this!

5.L. "Does anything else comes to mind?"
5.S. I'd really like to know better what you are thinking.
5.D. If you don't say something soon, I'm either going to fall asleep or raise your fee.

6.L. "I think that's a good example of the work we're doing here together."
6.S. You seem to be getting a lot out of this, and you're on track to achieve major benefits.
6.D. At last you seemed to be hooked at 5-sessions per week. I'll call the broker tomorrow about that place in Martha's Vineyard!

7.L. "What thoughts do you have about the impact of that on our relationship?"
7.S. It could be important to explore the meaning of what you are experiencing in the context of the therapeutic relationship.
7.D. I can't believe that after sitting here every day for 5 years, you still think I'm your step-mother.

8.L. "I'm afraid our time is almost up."
8.S. I want you to know that we must stop soon, so you can readjust for the world outside this room.
8.D. Phew... another 50 minutes without having to call 911!

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