Hello, welcome to the Film Scouts Riviera French language course. You will learn to say the following phrases, useful for getting along in Cannes:

I haven't seen any films, I've got too many appointments.

  1. Listen, then repeat: Je n'ai vu aucun film. Trop de rendez-vous.
  2. Hidden Meaning: Actually, I don't have credentials so I can't get in.
I'll have my people call your people.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Mon assistante appellera ton assistante.
  2. Hidden Meaning: Well, I don't actually have anyone working for me. I'll call you myself.
I'm keeping a low profile.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je suis la incognito.
  2. Hidden Meaning: I either can't wangle any invitations to anything, or else can't afford any of the hotels in town so I'm staying about an hour away from here.
I'm on the guest list.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je suis sur la liste.
  2. Hidden Meaning: And hoping to distract you long enough to sneak in while you're looking for my name.
I'm the producer.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je suis le producteur.
  2. Hidden Meaning: You might be, for all anyone knows, unless the person you are talking to actually is the producer.
I'm with her.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je suis avec elle.
  2. Hidden Meaning: I've never seen her before in my life, but you're letting her in.
I'm with him.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je suis avec lui.
  2. Hidden Meaning: Same as above, different gender.
I'm working on a development deal.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Je travaille sur un projet pour une grande studio.
  2. Hidden Meaning: See the LA English language lesson for what this means.
It's almost signed.
  1. Listen, then repeat: C'est pratiquement signe.
  2. Hidden Meaning: Not yet, maybe never.
Let's do lunch.
  1. Listen, then repeat: On se fait dejeuner.
  2. Hidden Meaning: Take the LA English language lesson if you aren't familiar with this phrase and its proper usage.
This year I rented a villa, but I'm staying on the boat.
  1. Listen, then repeat: Cette annee j'ai loue une villa, mais je reste sur le bateau.
  2. Hidden Meaning: The ultimate pretense, another decent excuse for never being seen at the good parties: you've got your own parties.
What I really want is to direct.
  1. Listen, then repeat: En fait, ce que je veux est mettre en scene.
  2. Hidden Meaning: I may be a low-life deal monger, but I have a great hidden artistic talent which I'll exercise if I ever get successful.
Where's the Miramax party?
  1. Listen, then repeat: C'est ou, la soiree de Miramax?
  2. Hidden Meaning: I wasn't invited, but I know it's tonight. Maybe you're going and I can sneak in with you.
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