What's going on here?

So, welcome to Jerry's "premiere screening room", haha... Well, this is it, this is the place where the "real" Film Scouts hang out... No, it's really OK you're here, I won't get into any trouble... See, this room was one of the four original multiplex theaters. When they did the renovation here, they basically put in all new rooms. But they couldn't figure out what to do with this space, it was too small, they, uh, couldn't make it bigger because the AC plant was in the way. So, anyway, they decided to just leave it alone until they could figure out what to do with it... They're always talking about what they're going to do in here but never can decide... Well, in the meantime, uh, well, so, it was still a theater, and there was still this projector, but the place was just full of junk - you know, everything left over from the construction, and God knows what else - you should have seen it, it was some mess! Anyway, me and the other kids who work here, well, we all got together and asked if we could use it for like a lounge, and they said well, OK, go ahead... So we cleaned it out, a ton of junk, and then Tom (the projectionist) got the equipment running again, and, now, like, when we're not on duty, or on our days off, whatever, the management's pretty cool about it, they let us come in here pretty much whenever we want, bring friends, screen stuff, just hang out...

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