Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

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1999 Cannes Film Festival

"The Blair Witch Project" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Blair Witch Project" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Cradle Will Rock" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Dogma" (by Thom Bennett)
"Felicia's Journey" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Gaing o chi chun (The Emperor and the Assassin)" (by Henri Béhar)
"L'Humanité" (by David Sterritt)
"Judy Berlin" (by David Sterritt)
"Limbo" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Pola X" (by David Sterritt)
"Rosetta" (by David Sterritt)
"Sibirskij tsiryulnik (The Barber of Siberia)" (by David Sterritt)
"Le Temps retrouvé" (by Henri Béhar)
"Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)" (by David Sterritt)
"Wonderland" (by Richard Schwartz)

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