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Stanley Kubrick

by Thom Bennett

The film world and the world at large has experienced the loss of a great visionary. Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, director of such legendary films as ``Dr. Strangelove,'' ``A Clockwork Orange'' and ``2001: A Space Odyssey'' died on March 7th at the age of 70.

Kubrick's films often dealt with the horrors and absurdity of war and the extremes of obsession and violence. In recent years, his films have become anticipated events as the director became more and more reclusive. It was not only the excellence of his films, but the secrecy in which he lived and worked that added to his legend.

Considered by many to be the only true genius working in the cinema today, Kubrick leaves behind a legacy of films fitting befitting his legend. A recluse, Kubrick's productions were always shrouded in secrecy. His obsession to detail and the technical aspects of filmmaking were unmatched and admired by his contemporaries. His films have influenced generations of filmmakers around the world.

``Stanley Kubrick was the grandmaster of filmmaking. He copied no one, while all of us were scrambling to imitate him,'' said director Steven Spielberg in a statement from his office.

Kubrick once said of the art of filmmaking "Anyone who has ever been privileged to direct a film also knows that, although it can be like trying to write `War and Peace' in a bumper car in an amusement park, when you finally get it right, there are not many joys in life that can equal the feeling."

Kubrick just recently finished work on his last film ``Eyes Wide Shut,'' -starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. This was to be Kubrick's first film in twelve years. His much-talked about return to the science fiction genre, "A.I.", was slated to be his next project.

The list of films that Kubrick leaves behind are a better tribute to his mastery than anyone could ever possibly write for him. "Eyes Wide Shut" is due to be released in the United States on July 16th.

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