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Patrick Modiano

by Thom Bennett

Born in 1945, Patrick Modiano is one of France's most celebrated writers and author of more than twenty books. His works are heavily influenced by the post WWII period in Europe, having lived through the horrors of Nazi occupation the neglect of his father. In addition to his literary works, Modiano has also ventured into the world of cinema, collaborating with Lois Malle on Malle's film "Lacombe Lucien".

One of Modiano's most celebrated novels, "Dora Bruder", based on the life of a young Jewish girl's experience during WWII, was inspired by a 1941 newspaper article that the author came across and researched for years. "It takes time for what has been erased to resurface", Modiano explains. "It took me four years to discover her exact date of birth: February 25, 1926. And a further two years to find out her place of birth: Paris. But I am a patient man. I can wait for hours in the rain."

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