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For four years, the crew of the NSEA Protector donned their uniforms and set off on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space--then their series was canceled. Twenty years later, the five stars of the classic '70s TV series Galaxy Quest are still in costume, making appearances at science fiction conventions for their legions of die-hard fans. But some of those fans are a little more far out than the actors could ever have imagined.

A group of aliens who have mistaken intercepted television transmissions for "historical documents" arrive at a convention and whisk "Commander Peter Quincy Taggart" (Tim Allen) and his crew into space to help them in their all-too-real war against a deadly adversary. With no script, no director, and no clue about real interstellar travel, the make-believe crew of the Protector has to turn in the performances of their lives to become the heroes the aliens believe them to be.

DreamWorks' science fiction action-comedy Galaxy Quest thus brings a new twist to the time-honored predicament of the fish out of water. Tim Allen (The Santa Clause, TV's Home Improvement), Sigourney Weaver (the Alien films, Gorillas in the Mist, Working Girl), and Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), playing the TV series' leads, head a cast that also includes Tony Shalhoub, (Men in Black, Big Night), Sam Rockwell (The Green Mile), Daryl Mitchell (TV's Veronica's Closet), Enrico Colantoni (TV's Just Shoot Me).

Directed by Dean Parisot (Home Fries), Galaxy Quest was produced by Academy Award winner Mark Johnson (Rain Man) and Charles Newirth (Patch Adams) from a screenplay by David Howard and Robert Gordon. Notes Johnson, "I thought the idea of actors totally out of their element, juxtaposed with a world in which they have no right to be, had great comic potential."

Bringing the film's brave new worlds to life is a creative team that includes the visual effects wizards from Industrial Light & Magic, under the supervision of Bill George (Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace). Special animatronic and creature effects are being handled by multiple Academy Award winner Stan Winston (Jurassic Park). The director of photography is Jerzy Zielinski (Powder); Linda DeScenna (Mouse Hunt) is production designer; two-time Oscar winner Albert Wolsky (Bugsy, All That Jazz) is the costume designer; and Don Zimmerman (Patch Adams) is the editor.

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