Fathers' Day: About The Story

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Colette (NASTASSJA KINSKI) is a beautiful woman with an interesting past. Seventeen years ago she was having a romance with Jack Lawrence (Crystal). Even though it didn't work out, they parted on good terms.

But suddenly Colette pays Jack a visit. She's been married since they broke up, she says, but her 16-year-old son, Scott (CHARLIE HOFHEIMER), has recently run away and she wants Jack to know something: she's not sure, but Scott may be his son. She needs Jack's help in finding him.

Jack is stunned. He's also skeptical that the boy could be his. And he doesn't want to cause an upheaval in his well-ordered life for this dubious mission.

So Colette tries again. This time, she calls Dale Putley (Williams) in San Francisco with the same confession. Colette and Dale shared a fling at Berkeley, also about seventeen years ago.

When he receives her news, Dale is thrilled at the very thought of paternity. After imagining a gratifying encounter with his son, he immediately sets out to find Scott.

In the meantime, Jack's been suffering second thoughts. What if he is the boy's dad? While he's on a business trip to San Francisco, he tries checking into Scott's whereabouts. And it's not long before he runs into Dale, following the same trail.

Jack tells that he's looking for his lost son; Dale, amazed by the coincidence, says the same. It isn't long before they discover they're looking for the SAME lost son. But somehow, instead of walking away from the entire situation, they team up to locate Scott. On the road, Jack and Dale are the least likely of partners. And the lunatic adventures they're about to encounter will strain their partnership even more.

Scott is sampling the wild life as he trails a rock group around California and tries to cope with the motley group of characters populating his new existence. As the rockers and their entourage move from city to city, Dale and Jack are amazed to find themselves continuing their pursuit, increasingly drawn to this rebellious but basically endearing young man. In the process, they nearly drive each other crazy and come face to face with the elusive meaning of fatherhood.

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